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An Anthology of Ancient Chinese Poetry and Prose

  • Anthology of Ancient Chinese Poetry
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An Anthology of Ancient Chinese poetry and Prose
Rendered into English by Sun Dayu
Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 1997
Hardcover, 850 x 1168, 690 pages
ISBN 7810462075

The English translation of An Anthology of Ancient Chinese Poetry and Proseconsists of the English versions of one hundred forty of ancient Chinese poems. Poems in the book are arranged in sequential order according to the year of the relevant author's birth, or failing that, according to the title of dynasty, in which the author happened to have lived. Prof. Sun Dayu, being himself a talent poet, has a deeper understanding of the Chinese poetry. Besides, he has an excellent and admirable command of the English language. His translation can not only convey the literal meaning of the original Chinese, but also express the romantic charm and grace of poems which are usually very difficult, if not impossible, to be expressed.

Selected poets and rendered poems include:

  • Preface by Ji Xianlin
  • Foreword by Sun Jinren Sun Jiashi
  • Anonymous: Song of Clog-throwing
  • Song Yu: A Fu on the Divine Lady - A Fu on Gaotang
  • Sima Qian: Chunyu Kun's Indirect Counsel to King Wei of Qi
  • Liu Lin: In Praise of the Quality of Drinking
  • Pan Yue: A Fu on Autumn Feelings
  • Wang Xizhi: A Sketch of the Gathering at Orchid Arbour
  • Tao Yuanming: Retracing My Way Home - The Peach Blossom Visionary Land - The Life of the Sire of Five Willows - Drinking
  • Sun Guoting: On the Fine Art of Chinese Calligraphy
  • Chen Zi'ang: Song on Ascending the Youzhou Terrace
  • He Zhizhang: Random Lines on Home-coming
  • Zhang Jiuling: Feelings on My State
  • Wang Zhihuan: Ascending the Stork Tower - Liang County Song
  • Meng Haoran: Spring Dawn
  • Li Qi: A Song on Listening to An Wanshan Playing the Bi-li Pipe
  • Wang Wei: Bidding Adieu to a Friend - Blue Runnel - Luan-jia Rapids - Bamboo Grove Cabin - Bird-Chirping Hollow - Lines - Smallholders' homes by the Wei Stream - Remembering My Brothers East of the Mountain on the Ninth Day of the Ninth Moon - Bidding Adieu to Yuan Junior in His Mission to Anxi
  • Li Bai: Far Departed - Difficult Is the Way to Shu-A Pindaric Ode (The poem in Triple-syllabic measures) - Difficult Is the Way to Shu-A Pindaric Ode (The prose version) - Crows Croaking at Dusk - A Tune of Crows Roosting 'fore the Eve - Carouse, Please - The Lay of the Sun Arising and Sinking - Frontier Tunes - Plaint on Gem Steps - For Qing-ping Tunes - Thoughts in a Still Night - Spring Thoughts - Ziye's Wu Song - Long Drawn Yearning - Chant Over the Stream - River-crossing Tune - Humming under the Moon atop the West Tower in Jinling City - Song of the Emei Mount Peaks Moon - To Wang Lun - Question and Answer in the Mounts - Ballad of Mount Lu, Sent to Lord Attendant Lu Xuzhou - A Song for Some Friends on a Dream Trip to Mount Tianmu Parting Thoughts at a Jinling Tavern - Seeing Meng Haoran Off to Guangling on the Yellow Crane Tower - Bidding Adieu to a Friend - Bidding Farewell with Feast to Decreed Editor Uncle Yun on Xie Tiao Tower in County Xuan - Holding Drink to Ask the Moon - Ascending the Phoenix Terrace of Jinling City - Sighting the Cataract of Mount Lu - Ascending Xie Tiao's North Tower at Xuan Cheng in Autumn - Embarking from Baidi Town at Early Morn - Looking Back to Olden Times in Yuen - Drinking Alone under the Moon - Sitting in Repose Alone on Jingting Hill - A Visit to the Taoist Priest of Daitian Mount without Meeting Him - Sad, Sad Arbour - Moonlight on the Mount of Borderland Pass - Secluded Gorge Spring - Goodman, Cross Ye Not the River - Epistolet Inviting My Cousins to a Spring Night Banquet in the Garden of Peach Blossoms - Song of Farewell Sung in Jingling for Fan Xuan - Descending from Mount Zhongnan, Putting Up at the Mountaineer Husi's Lodging and Being Entertained with Drinking
  • Cui Hao: Yellow Crane Tower
  • Du Fu: Sighting the Great Mount Dai - Chief of Corps Fang's Steed of the Huns - A Hawk Portrayed - The Rime of the War-chariots - Song on the Eight Fairies in Drinking - The Lay of the Belles - The Lay of Meipi - A Moonlight Night - Spring Prospects - Qiang Village - To the Eighth Wei Brother, the Anchorite - Xin'an Officer - The Shihao Officers - Tong Pass Officer - Parting after Nuptials - Parting after Nuptials - Parting during Declining Years - Parting sans a Home - The Beauty - Two Poems on Dreaming of Li Bai - For Li Bai - Longing for My Younger Brothers in a Moonlight Night - Riverside Village - The Crazy Man - Arrival of a Guest - Glad at Raining in a Spring Night - Song on My Cottage Being Broken by Autumnal Blasts - A Quatrain on the Crimes of the Court Brigades - A Quatrain - Two Quatrains - Yu's Temple - Eight Octaves on Autumnal Musings - Pavilion Night - Ascending a Height - A Song on Watching Lady Gongsun's Disciple in Her "Rapier Thrusting and Fencing" Dance - Ascending Yueyang Tower - Chancellor of Shu - Facing Snowing - Thoughts During My Night Travel
  • Cen Shen: Lines Written in the Desert
  • Zhang Ji: Night Mooring at Fengqiao Village
  • Wei Yingwu: The Mountain Stream in the West Chuzhou
  • Lu Lun: Borderland Tunes
  • Cui Hu: In the Capital's Southern Village
  • Chang Jian: On the Rear Dhyana Hall of Po Shan Bonzary - Putting Up at Wang Changling's Hermitage
  • Han Yu: The Lay of the Stone Drums
  • Liu Yuxi: An Eulogium on a Humble Cell - Autumnal Song - Bamboo Twig Song - Black Coat Lane - Stone-walled City
  • Bai Juyu: Grasses
  • Liu Zongyuan: On Sighting the Mounts with the Bonze Haochu, Lines Written to My Kin and Friends in the Capital - Abiding by the Runlet - Snowing on the River - The Angler
  • Jia Dao: A Call on the Recluse Who Is Just Out
  • Zhang Gu: Jiling Terrace
  • Du Mu: Mountain Trip - Lines in Bidding Adieu - The Clear-and-Bright Feast - Hearing Tartar Clarinet on the Border
  • Wen Tingyun: Plaints from the Gemmed Harp
  • Li Shangyin: The Gladdening Uplands - Lines Sent to the North Written during Night Rains - Chang'e
  • Han Wo: Villages Deserted after the March of Troops
  • Su Shi: A Fu on the Red Cliffs (the Fore Piece) - A Fu on the Red Cliffs (the Hind Piece)
  • Ye Shaoweng: Visiting a Garden When Its Master Is Out

About English Translator: Sun Dayu, born in 1905 in Shanghai, is a native of Zhuji County, Zhejiang province. His original name is Sun Ming-chuan and his style, Shou-zhu. Having successfully completed his courses, in the senior class, at Qing Hua College (now, Qing Hua University) in Beijing in 1925, he went to the U.S. to continue his education at Dartmouth College in 1926, and graduated as A.B. magna cum laude in 1928. During 1928-1930, he pursued a postgraduate study of English and American literature at Yale University, and then, came back in 1930 as professor of English literature at Wuhan University, Beijing Normal University, Women's College of Arts and Sciences, Beijing University, Qingdao University, Zhejiang University, Jinan University, Central Politics Institute, Fudan University and East China Normal University respectively. Chief works are The Book of Sun Dayu in A Collection of Modern Chinese Poetry, Sun Dayu's Book of Poems and Other Writings, Selected Poems of Chü Yuan (English Translation), translations of Shakespeare's works of Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Macbeth, The Tempest, The Winter's Tale, Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice.

Chinese Painting Illustrations ("Tao Yuanming: Drinking," "Li Bao: Holding Drink to Asking the Moon," "Du Mu: Mountain Trip," "Zhang Ji: Night Mooring at Fengqiao Village," "Bai Juyi: Grasses," and "Liu Zongyuan: Snowing on the River") by Liu Danzhai.

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