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Art Pioneer Li Shutong VCD

  • Art Pioneer Li Shutong
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Art Pioneer Li Shutong (Collection Edition)
--Xiling Celebrated Masters Series
Published by Zhejiang Culture and Art Audio-visual Publishing House, 2001
Medium: 1 VCD disc
Narration: Mandarin Chinese
ISRC: CNE140100690

Li Shutong (1880-19420) was a Chinese artist and art teacher. He also went by Wen Tao, Guang Hou , and Shu Tong, but was most commonly known as Buddhist Master Hong Yi. He was a master painter, musician, dramatist, calligrapher, seal cutter, poet, and Buddhist monk. He was born in Tianjin to a banking family originated in Hongdong County, Shanxi, that immigrated to Tianjin in Ming Dynasty though her mother was from Pinghu, Zhejiang. Li Shutong showed many talents in writing, ancient poetry, and calligraphy as he was young boy. In autumn of 1905, he went to Japan to study in Shangye Fine Art Vocational School of Tokyo, back to China in 1910. In 1912, he became a fine art teacher music teacher in Zhejiang Secondary Normal School. He opened sketch class, canvas class, watercolor class, designing class and woodcarving class, too. He was the first to give human body sketch and field sketch classes, and also the first Chinese to give Western Fine Arts History class with systematic course materials. Come 1915, he was hired by Jiang Qian to teach at Nanjing Advanced Normal School (renamed in 1949 to Nanjing University), and taught painting and music. He also taught at Zhejiang Secondary Normal School. Successively having taught painting and music till beginning a new chapter in his life by choosing to be ordained as a monk, Li’s reputation grew, as he became the first Chinese educator to use nude models in his painting classes, not to mention as the first teacher of Western music in China. Some of the students, like Feng Zikai, Pan Tianshou, Liu Zhiping, whom he personally taught or groomed went on to become accomplished masters of the arts and musician. Li Shutong himself was also an accomplished composer and lyricist. Many of his compositions are still remembered and performed today.

By middle age, Li Shutong converted to Buddhism, and thus began a holistic life dedicated to propagating Buddhism and its code of conduct. After becoming a monk he only practiced calligraphy, developing a simple and unadorned, yet unique style, which everyone who received a sample of treasured.

Except telling his legendary life, remarkable contribution toward arts and religious field, this documentary displays by large space Li's rarely viewable and treasured arts from poetry, calligraphy, painting to seal.

艺术先驱李叔同 (珍藏版)

李叔同(1880—1942),祖籍浙江平湖,生于天津。早慧,七八岁学千家诗、唐诗,并习石鼓文、篆书等。1898年戊戌变法失败,避居上海。入袁希濂、许幻园等创立的城南文社,所作诗文词赋,为文社之冠,书法深得汉魏六朝之秘,篆书刻石亦佳,于上海文坛初露头角,1902年秋,入南洋公学经济特科班, 1905年秋,去日本留学。入上野美术专门学校学习西欧油画,并入音乐学校兼学钢琴。翌年,在日本戏剧家藤泽浅二郎指导下,与曾孝谷等人发起组织春柳社,曾在东京演出话剧《茶花女》和《黑奴吁天录》,饰女主角,为我国话剧运动开创者之一。1910年回国,先后在天津、上海学校任教,1912年后任浙江两级师范学校图画、音乐教员。后又兼任南京高等师范学校音乐、美术教员,先后共7年。集诗、词、书画、篆刻、音乐、戏剧、文学于一身,在多个领域,开中华灿烂文化艺术之先河。他是第一个向中国传播西方音乐的先驱者,所创作的《送别歌》,历经几十年传唱经久不衰,成为经典名曲。同时,他也是中国第一个开创裸体写生的教师。卓越的艺术造诣,先后培养出了名画家丰子恺、音乐家刘质平等一些文化名人。他将中国古代的书法艺术推向了极至,“朴拙圆满,浑若天成”,鲁迅、郭沫若等现代文化名人以得到大师一幅字为无尚荣耀。



Li Shutong's calligraphy    li shutong's painting

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