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San Qi (Panax notoginseng)

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San Qi

Botanical Name: Panax notoginseng, Panax pseudoginseng San qi
Plant Family: Araliaceae
Common name: San Qi, Tian Qi, Tienchi Ginseng
Chinese traditional herbal medicine: Notoginseng root, Sanqi

tienchi ginseng plant

Plant majorly contains Ginsenosides (many similar to Panax Ginseng, but with differing relative amounts).
It also contains: flavonoids, glycans (panaxans) maltol, peptides, polysaccharide fraction DPG-3-2, saponins, vitamins A, vitamins B6 and other B vitamins, volatile oil Zinc (mineral which aids in the production of thymic hormones necessary for the functioning of the immune system).

Tienchi Ginseng is used for:
Blood Conditions
* hematemesis (vomiting of blood)
* hematoma (tumor like mass produced by coagulation of extravasated (escape of fluid into the tissues) blood in a tissue or cavity
* hematuria (blood in the urine)
* hemoptysis (coughing and spitting of blood as a result of bleeding from the respiratory tract
* hemorrhage and pain caused by trauma
* metrorrhagia (uterine bleeding at irregular intervals)
* moves blood through the body
* stops bleeding
* transforms congealed blood
* traumatic injury with bruising

Cardiovascular Conditions
* angina pectoris
* arrhythmia
* myocardial ischemia
* optimizes circulation

Immune Conditions
* enhances defense system balance

Other Conditions
* alleviates and reduces pain
* chest and abdominal pain
* high blood cholesterol
* may slow the progression of Alzheimer's Disease
* normalizes physical functioning depending on what the individual needs (e.g. it will lower high blood pressure but raise low blood pressure)
* recovering from illness or surgery, especially for the elderly
* reduces swelling
* useful for weight loss

Action: strengthens the body, helps it return to normal when it has been subjected to stress; anti-arrhythmic, anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, cardio-protective, hypocholesterolemic.

Powder of Notoginseng Root

for various kinds of external and internal hemorrhage, blood stasis and pain in cases of traumatic injuries, and angina pectoris. Lower cholesterol and keep cardiovascular system health with Notoginseng refine powder. Read more...

Capsule of Notoginseng Powder

capsule of notoginseng powder resolve stasis, stop bleeding, activate the blood and check pain, for various kinds of external and internal hemorrhage, blood stasis and pain in cases of traumatic injuries, and angina pectoris. Read more ...

Yunnan Baiyao

Injuries from falls and fights, swelling pain caused by static blood, hematemesis, hemoptysis, blood stool, hemorrhoid, flooding and spotting discharge of blood, bleeding in surgery, painful swelling of sore and ulcer, soft tissue contusion, closed fracture, bronchiectasis, hemoptysis caused by tuberculosis, ulcerating sore haemorrhage, and skin infections. Read more...

Tienchi Ginseng & Eucommiae Combination

For promoting blood flow to remove the stasis, dispelling wind and dredges meridians to relieve pain in cases of syndrome of blockage of stagnant blood, arthralgia due to pathogenic wind-dampness. Read more...

Tienchi Ginseng and Ligusticum Wallichii Combo

for dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation caused by coagulation of cold dampness, qi stagnation, and excessive sexual life, manifested as unpressable lower abdominal pain before or during menstruation, scanty menorrhea with purplish color menses and clot. Read more...

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三七参 - 参中之王



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