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Chinese Cuisine: Health Tonics

  • health tonics
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Selected Recipes of Chinese Cuisine: Health Tonics (Chinese-English)
Published by Foreign Languages Press, 2004
Paperback, Chinese and English, 181 Pages, 7.25" x 9.75"
ISBN 7119030833

Different from hundreds of other Chinese cook books and taking “eat for health and eat for beauty? as its guideline, this book offers a series of tonic recipes to build up the health of both old and young, and especially the function of beauty treatment for women. Included is s a list of medicated diets following traditional cooking skills using vegetables, fruits, pork and fish, together with popular herbs. The resulting dishes have the function of tonifying primordial Qi and building up the body to not only look better but feel better as well. Recipes are presented in beautiful photos with text in simplified Chinese characters and English.

health Tonics

Selected Recipes: Stew Dark-Skinned Hen with Herbs, Abalone Soup with Radish and Lean, Glutinous Rice Cake, Almond Dou-Fu, Carp Soup with Bean Sprouts, Clams Soup with Carrot, Ba-Zhen Chicken Soup, Fry Rice, Fry Noodles, Stew Pig's Heart with Sha Shen and Yu Zhu, Stew Pig's Tail with Du Zhong, Pig's Kidney Soup with Du Zhong, Fry Curry Rice, New Year Cake with Potherb Mustard, Stew Dark-Skinned Hen with Ginsengs, Stew Mutton with Herbs, Spicy Vegetarian Squid, Stew Spareribs with Burdock and Lotus Root, Stew Spareribs with Yam, Stew Chicken Soup with Cordyceps Sinensis, Spicy Noddles with Eight Ingredients, Cook Pig's Kidney with Sesame Oil Stew Hen with Sang Zhi, Radish Soup with Tangerine Peel, Steam Black Mushroom, Sweet Osmanthus Lotus Roots, Stew Pig's Foot with Soybean, Stew Mutton with Yam and Wolfberry, Fry Vegetables, Loofah Soup with Honeysuckle, Stew Spareribs with Winter Melon and Yi Ren, Stew Scallops with Ginsengs and Red Dates, Sweet-Vinegar Rib, Stew Pig's Brain with Herbs, Four herbal Chicken, Stew Chicken with Dang Shen and Red Dates, Amaranth Dou-Fu Soup, Spicy-Sour Soup, Stew Pig's Hocks with Octopus, Stew Mutton, Duck Seasoned with Angelica, Stew Duck with Leaf Mustard and Ginger, Stew Pig's Heart with Ginsengs, Stew Spareribs with Herbs, Black Mushroom Soup with Bamboo Shoots, Garlic Frogs, Sea Moss Soup, Sparerib Soup with Nan Xing, Tree Ingredient Soup, Ham Corn Soup, Stew Bullhead with Angelica, Stew Pig's Tripe with Lotus Seeds, Smoked Goose, Stew Rooster with Suo Yang and Yam, Four Herbal Soup, Stew Duck with Angelica, Dry Bean Stuffed Bun with Eggplant Sauce, Pig's Tail Soup with Carrot, Stew Pig's Heart with Fen Guang Shen, Lean Soup with Lotus Seeds and Lily Bulb, Stew Calms with Corn Silk, Cold Dressed Celery, Cold Dressed Dried Bean Curd Shredded, Black Mushroom Chicken with Bamboo Shoots, Stew River Eel with Yam and Lily Bulb, Fry Mushrooms with Bamboo Shoots, Grass Carp Soup with Chuan Xiong, Sliced Grass Carp Soup with Water Cress, Stew Chicken with Chestnut, Braise Trepang, Stew Mutton with Angelica, Pig's Liver soup with Rou Cong Rong, Stew Chicken with He Shou Wu, Cold Dressed Cucumber, Cold Dressed Kelp Shredded, Better Gourd Chicken with Pineapple, Wax Gourd Spareribs Soup with Clams, Golden Mushroom Thicken Soup with Hair Weeds, Unpolished Congee, Tuckahoe Congee, Stew Man Li-Fish with He Shou Wu, Meatless Thicken Soup, Stew Pig's Hocks with Papaya and Peanuts, Coydyceps sinensis Sparerib Soup, Pig's Tail Soup with Fox Nut, Cold Dressed Okra, Deep-Fried Cashew Nut, Stew Pig's Brain with Tian Ma, Stew Pig's Spinal Cord with Lotus Root, Steamed Eel with Wolfberry, Carp Soup with Wax Gourd, Pig's Liver Soup with Dang Shen and Angelica, Stew River Eel with Wolfberry, Spring Wrapper, Deep-Fried Sesame Ball, Stew Prawns with Wine, Lotus Seed Soup with Lily Bulb and Red Dates, Yi Ren Soup with Red Beans, assorted Salad, Stew Snakehead Fish with Wax Gourd, Stew Chewy Beef with Lotus Root, Laver Wrapper, Triple Color Wrapper, Mutton Soup with Huang Qi, Niu Xi and Du Zhong Soup, Stew Chicken with Wine, Round Sushi, Water Lily Sushi, Stew Duck with Abalone and Du Zhong, Dry Longan Congee, Yi Ren Soup with Gorgon Fruit and Lotus Seeds, Chinese Birthday Cake, Vegetarian Dumpling, Stew Chicken with Unpolished Rice Soup, Stew Sea Bass with Wolfberry, Vegetarian Stuffed Bun, Mashed Bean Stuffed Bun, Stew Duck with Yu Zhu and Sha Shen.

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