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Chinese Medical Massage DVD Set

  • Chinese massage DVD
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Product Description

Published by Guangzhou Audio-Visual Publishing House, 2006
Medium: 8 DVD-5 set
DVD regional code setting: All
Picture format: NTSC, MPEG-2, Color
Run time: 360 minutes
Language: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese and English
ISBN: 7885184099 / 9787885194093
ISRC: CNF280600450
EAN: 6937475393310

Massage by Chinese medical science is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, and it enjoys ingenious and magical therapeutic effect. By mainly applying the skills of pressing, rubbing, pushing, seizing, touching, pinching, etc. to stimulate the relevant acupuncture points on the body, improve blood circulation, promote the process of metabolism, it can achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue, dispelling diseases, building up a good physique, becoming vigorous and graceful, preventing caducity and promising longevity. Thanks to the flexible, simple, safe and practical operation process, it is eulogized as a “green therapy”.

With this package of traditional Chinese medical massage series you will learn acupuncture, cupping, scrape therapy, thenar massage, naprapathy, ear massage, hands' massage, head's massage.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a way of stimulating certain points of a body by using various kinds of needles to cure diseases. Acupuncture works by joining the channels, meridians and vessels to make the blood and breath flow smoothly, and it can help to tonify the blood and internal organs to achieve maximum efficiency.

Cupping: Cupping is very popular of its virtues of its simplicity, low charges, convenient handling, effective clinic treatment, obvious health care and no toxic side effect. Through the use of cups, Cupping makes the skin congest, blood stagnate and blister by adsorbing the cups on the positives owing to the negative intensity of pressure caused by removing the air in the cups through burning or taking the air out, thus motivates the function of the channel, meridians or vessels in the cupping points and makes the blood and breath vigorous so as to serve the purpose of protecting and curing diseases.

Scrape Therapy: Scrape therapy operates like other no-drug treatments such as acupuncture, massage and cupping. Through the use of edge tools, it can make the points become congested by scraping the meridians, channels and points on the surface of the skin so as to improve micro-circulation and 'dredge' the channels and meridians. In this way it regulate the surplus blood, invigorates the circulation, makes the hearts and lungs healthy, relieves rheumatic pains and cold, relieves pain and stimulates and improves the immune system.

Thenar Massage: According to the traditional Chinese medicine, thenar is the twelfth positive channel of the human body and the starting point of the third Yin channel and the third Yang channel, and it can directly or indirectly reflect the functions of the human bowels. When the function of the human bowels is maladjusted, the relevant point on the sole of the foot can eliminate blocks of the circulation of blood and breath, and so adjust the normal physical activities of the human body. Thenar massage has three functions: diagnosis, treatment and health care.

Naprapathy: Naprapathy is also called massage in which the doctor treats the patients on the surface of the body by applying techniques of massage according to the particular state of the illness. The movements of the doctor's hands should be forceful, gentle and balanced, maintaining constant contact with the body.

Ear Massage: Certain points on the ear, in traditional Chinese reflexology, have links to the internal organs and the limbs; the ear thus acts like a window reflecting the physical functions of the human body and pathological changes in it. Through massaging the ears' points, you can treat and protect many diseases, particularly of the bowels.

Hands' Massage: Chinese massage therapy applying to hands can adjust the blood and breath of the bowels and make Ying and Yang parallel so as to preserve health and prevent diseases such as cold, cough, hiccough, headache, insomnia, swirling, apoplexy, hiccough and deaf, neurasthenic, asthma, stomachache, impotence, spermatorrhea, dysmenorrheal, maladjustment of menses, toothache, sciatica, carsickness, stiff neck, acute waist's wrick.

Head's Massage: Head massage is a traditional Chinese medical treatment which uses massage treatment in the particular area of the head to cure disease and make the human body strong and healthy. It has both active and quiet features and is quite safe and not painful. The techniques are rather simple and easy to learn. This film introduces detailed handlings of 20 treatments.

ISBN 7-88518-409-9
ISRC CN-F 28-06-0045 -0/V.G2




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