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Chinese Qigong Outgoing-Qi Therapy

  • Chinese Qigong Outgoing-Qi Therapy
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Book title: Chinese Qigong Outgoing-Qi Therapy
Written by Bi Yongsheng, translated into English by Yu Wenping
Published by Shandong Science and Technology Press, China, 1997
English, paperback, 467 pages
ISBN 7533110412

The book expounds extensively the general knowledge and the theoretical basis of outgoing-qi therapy, the points, the training of qi, the guidance of qi, the emission of qi, the diagnosis of illnesses by outgoing qi, the principle of treatment, the specific methods of treatment and the techniques for correcting the deviations occurring during qigong practice. Introduced are also twenty methods of training and guiding qi, twenty-nine hand gestures for emitting qi and the skills of differential diagnosis and treatment of forty-five main and common diseases. To provide scientific proof, some of the results of laboratory experiments of the effect of outgoing-qi are included.

  1. An Introduction to Outgoing-qi Therapy
    1. The Definition and Characteristics of Outgoing-Qi Therapy
    2. The Origin and Development of Outgoing-Qi Therapy
    3. The Relationship between Outgoing-Qi Therapy and Massage and Acupuncture
    4. Indications of Outgoing-Qi Therapy and Points for Attention
  2. The Theoretical Basis of Outgoing-qi Therapy
    1. The Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Outgoing-Qi Therapy
    2. Application of the Book of Changes to Medicine and Outgoing-Qi Therapy
  3. The Points
    1. Dantian (Elixir Field) and Sanguan (Three Passes)
    2. The Points of the Fourteen Channels and the Extra channel Points Commonly Used in Qigong
  4. The Training of Qi
    1. The Essentials of the Training of Qi
    2. Essential Factors in Training Qi
    3. The Time and Direction for Training Qi and the Points for Attention
    4. Static Qigong for Training Qi
    5. Dynamic Exercise for Training Qi
  5. The Guidance of Qi
    • Linear Guidance of Qi
    • Guidance of Qi in Fixed Form
    • Guiding Qi in Circle and Spiralty
    • Cold and Heat Guidance of Qi
    • Guiding Qi of the Five Elements
  6. Emission of Qi
    1. Hand Gestures in Emission of Qi
    2. The Hand Manipulations in Emission of Qi
    3. The Forms of Qi on Emission
  7. An Outline of Treatment
    1. Function and Principles of Outgoing-Qi Therapy
    2. The Sensation and Effect of Qi
    3. The Discharge of Turbid Qi
    4. Outgoing-Qi Diagnosis
    5. The Number of Times Required for Treatment
    6. The Tonification, Purgation, Regulation and Guidance and the Closing Form of Treatment
  8. Treatment of Diseases
    1. Internal Syndromes
    2. Surgical and Gynecological Syndromes
    3. Traumatological Diseases
    4. Disorders of the Eye, Ear and Nose and Pediatric Diseases
  9. Selected Treatises on Experimental Studies of the Effect of Outgoing-Qi

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