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Eating more,exercising less: 40 percent of Shanghai males overweight


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SHANGHAI, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- For 10 consecutive years, Shanghai men have packed on the kilos -- leading to 39.5 percent being categorized as overweight and 11.2 percent as obese, with an average weight increase of 2.9 kilograms from the year 2000, according to the 2010 Shanghai National Physical Evaluation Report.

The report reveals that only 45.8 percent of Shanghai adult males are of the standard weight -- a 9.1 percent decrease compared to 2000. Among overweight and obese males, the age group 20-29 has seen the largest increase.

"More calories consumed and less exercise are the cause," said Yu Zhusheng, deputy director with the Shanghai University of Sport. "In spite of some occasional exercise, people don't get enough regular rigorous exercise."

But Shanghai women are doing a better job of controlling their weight, with no significant changes in the standard weight, overweight and obesity rates.

The physical evaluation chose 60,545 Shanghai residents aged 3 to 69. The evaluation indexes include body shape, body function and physical fitness.

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