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Great Landscapist Lu Yanshao VCD

  • Great Landscapist Lu Yanshao (Collection Edition)
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Great Landscapist Lu Yanshao (Collection Edition)
--Xiling Celebrated Masters Series
Published by Zhejiang Culture and Art Audio-visual Publishing House, 1997
Medium: 1 VCD disc
Narration: Mandarin Chinese
ISRC: CNE149700670

Lu Yanshao (1909-1993) served as the professor and and the head of Zhejiang Painting Academy. He excelled at landscape by adopting some new techniques invented by himself and putting in his great affection of the real landscapes. He is one of the most famous ink wash painters and an outstanding art educationist.

Lu began learning about the arts when he was little. he showed great interest in Chinese painting, seal carving and Chinese calligraphy. Lu went through different artistic stages from using splashes of color earlier on to his use of simpler colors like black and gray in his late-arts career. Famous for Chinese landscape painting, Lu's vigorous style received critical acclaim in the late 20th century. In describing his own artistic development, Master Lu said that in his early years he worked in the style of Song-Yuan traditions; in midlife he moved more towards painting from life and towards an emphasis on the expressiveness of the ink itself, especially through line-drawing cloud and water, judicious juxtapositions of ink and blank space—a change that was not unrelated to his interest in Western painting and his frequent interactions with Western painters. Later, Lu saw the modernist works of Zhao Wuji and Liu Guosong; although he was not wholly converted to this new style, something in his heart was moved by it, and in his later years Master Lu also tried his hand at a few abstract Chinese ink landscapes. His artistic style and charisma still influence today's young artists, especially those who go down the traditional Chinese painting route.

With numerous valuable data and historical scenes, this documentary film vividly and faithfully represents Mr. Lu's artistic style, his high artistic achievement and his serious attitude in artistic activities, that gives a picture of his sixty-year-long artist life and his contribution to the breakthrough and development of the art of Chinese painting. It is is a special edition of Xiling Celebrated Masters Series devoted to Lu Yanshao, great landscape painting master, it may serve as reference and historic data for Chinese arts education and collection.

山水画大师陆俨少 (珍藏版)

陆俨少(1909 -1993)原名砥,字宛若。上海市嘉定县人。自幼好画,18岁从师习诗文、书法和绘画。早年师从冯超然。擅山水。吸收历代诸家技法,受黄鹤山樵影响尤深,然学古又不泥古。他画重章法,长于用线勾云划水,常用白云笔勾勒层峦叠嶂,尤用墨块压挤留白为云为水,烟雾起伏画面之上,别具特色。晚年另起炉灶,吸取陈老莲、仇十洲笔意为己用,用于传统笔墨和意蕴。写大山大水于特殊画风之中,开创一派,影响深远。历任全国文联委员,曾任浙江画院院长、教授。

陆俨少,这位当代中国画坛不可多得的山水画艺术大师,以其深厚的功力,博学的才识,非凡的创造力,开创了当代山水画独树一帜的艺术风貌,登上了山水画艺术的又一峰巅。他的山水画创作在国际上具有很大的影响,与李可染 一起被誉为"北李南陆",然以传统的笔墨意蕴审视,其成就显然在李之上。陆俨少的山水画已引起越来越多的人们的兴趣与收藏。本片通过许多弥足珍贵的资料和历史镜头,生动真实地再现了陆翁生前的画风、画艺和频繁而严谨的创作活动,展示其六十余年孜孜不倦探索的硕果。陆翁的山水画具有高华健拔的气势、变化无穷的笔墨、优美清远的韵味。他根据对大自然独特而敏锐的洞察,创造出“勾云”、“留白”、“墨块”等技法。为中国画的突破与发展起了添砖加瓦的作用。通过该片的观赏,会使我们更深地感受到祖国九百六十万平方公里的土地上,无不盛开着陆翁风姿独具的艺术奇葩。他为天安门城楼所作的巨幅山水画《春山不老图》,更是博得世人赞誉的佳作。为弘扬民族文化,推崇国粹,经出品人精心策划制作,本片是一部独具特色的名家专辑,愿其成为广大书法爱好者鉴赏、收藏的书艺教材和宝贵史料。


lu yanshao's landscape painting    lu yanshao's landscape painting

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