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Journey to the West -25 Episodes Series and 16 Episodes Sequel DVD Set

  • Journey to the West collection edition
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Product Description

Product Title: Journey to the West (DVD)
-- 25 episodes of TV serial and 16 episodes of sequel
Director: Yang Jie
Collection edition: 10 DVD-9 discs
Publisher: China International TV Corporation
Release Date: December 7, 2006
Region Code: 0
Language: Mandarin
ISBN: 7799806834; 9787799806839
ISRC: CNA030431600

This collection edition of Xi You Ji contains both the very famous Chinese live action TV series produced by CCTV in 1986 and the sequel in 1998, starring Liu Xiao Ling Tong as Sun Wu Kong, and directed by Yang Jie. The first series follows the original storyline faithfully and is widely regarded as a classic. The second series supplements the first and supposes to have more computerized stunts for magic.

Journey to the West is the mythological novel retelling the adventures of a Tang Dynasty (618-907) priest Sanzang and his three disciples, Monkey, Pig and Friar Sand, as they travel west in search of Buddhist Sutra. He and his disciples have to experience the so-called 81 difficulties to reach the spiritual state of immortal. Sun Wu Kong, Zhu Ba Jie and Sha Wu Jing have to guard their master and battle hordes of demons who all want to capture him and eat his flesh for immortality. The story is full of magic, demons, gods, immortals, and scrumptious action and adventure! It has lots of humor and some angst as well.

There is no English subtitles in any DVD edition of this TV series. The below English reference of episodes was completed by Xiang Xiang:

The Episode List for the First Series (1986)
1. The Birth of Monkey King
2. Monkey King Being in Charge of Horses
3. Monkey King Making a Mess in Heaven Palace
4. Monkey King Being imprisoned in Wuhang Mountain
5. Monkey King Becomes the Body Guard of Monk Tang
6. Disaster in Kwan-yin Temple
7. Getting Ba Jie with Strategy
8. Facing Three Adversities During the Rough Journey
9. Stealing the Ginseng Fruit
10. Beating the Dead Bones Spirit Three Times
11. Stimulating the Monkey King Wisely
12. Seizing Treasures in Lotus Flower Cave
13. Killing the Devils in the Wuji Country
14. A Battle with the Red Boy
15. Defeating the Three Monsters with Magic
16. The Funny Advantage in the Women Nation
17. Getting the Palm-leaf Fan for Three Times
18. Cleaning the Tower and Clarifying the Injustice
19. Getting in the Little Thunder Temple Accidentally
20. Doctor Monkey King
21. Falling in the Spider Silk Cave Accidentally
22. Visiting the Abyss for Four Times
23. Teaching in Yuhua Continent
24. Getting the Rabbit Spirit in India
25. Arriving in the Pure Land

The Episode List for the Sequel Series (1998)
1. Dangerous Crossing at the Heaven-Reaching River
2. A Rift Between Master and Disciples
3. Real and Fake Handsome Monkey King
4. Stopped at Lion Hump Mountain
5. Meeting Immortals at Peacock Stage
6. Buddha Captures the Great Roc
7. Heartbreak at Black Water River
8. Capturing the Green Bull Demon
9. Praying for Rain at Phoenix-Immortal Prefecture
10. Wrecking Havoc on Fragrance-Covered Hall
11. A Dead-End Becomes The Way
12. Shedding Tears on Mist-Hidden Mountain
13. Rescue in the City of Children
14. Catching Bandits in Bodhisattva Territory
15. Returning the Souls of Benefactor Kou
16. Admiring the Lanterns at Gold-Level Prefecture

The Reunion of Xi You Ji Play Group at CCTV "Artist Life"

主演:章金菜 马德华 迟重瑞 阎怀礼
介质与包装:10碟DVD9 收藏版



第一集 猴王初问世
第二集 官封弼马温
第三集 大圣闹天宫
第四集 困囚五行山
第五集 猴王保唐僧
第六集 祸起观音院
第七集 计收猪八戒
第八集 坎途逢三难
第九集 偷吃人参果
第十集 三打白骨精
第十一集 智激美猴王
第十二集 夺冠宝莲花洞
第十三集 除妖乌鸡国
第十四集 大战红孩儿
第十五集 斗半降三怪
第十六集 趣经女儿国
第十七集 三调芭蕉扇
第十八集 扫塔辨奇冤
第十九集 误入小雷音
第二十集 孙猴巧行医
第二十一集 错坠盘丝洞
第二十二集 四探无底洞
第二十三集 传艺玉华洲
第二十四集 天竺收玉兔
第二十五集 波生极乐天

第一集 险渡通天河
第二集 师徒生二心
第三集 真假美猴王
第四集 受阻狮驼岭
第五集 遇仙孔雀台
第六集 如来收大鹏
第七集 情断黑水河
第八集 收伏青牛怪
第九集 祈雨凤仙郡
第十集 大闹披香殿
第十一集 绝域变通途
第十二集 泪洒隐雾山
第十三集 救难小儿城
第十四集 缉盗菩萨域
第十五集 还魂寇善人
第十六集 观灯金平府


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