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Kingsoft PowerWord 2007 Professional

  • kingsoft powerword chinese-english dictionary
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Product Description

Kingsoft PowerWord is easy to use with powerful functions. It supports on-screen word extracting by mouse and convenient wildcard matching of a word. English-Chinese, Chinese-English and Chinese-Chinese dictionaries are provided. It is available to be run under Windows 2000 and Windows XP / Windows Vista and to perform word-extracting with i.e., Netscape and Acrobat Reader. It contains 70 specialties such as medical science, law, finance, economics, industrial and commercial administration, chemistry, physics, cytology, agrology, entomology, coal science, astronomy and psychology, etc. The convenient full-text search function can search words at full speed and search the example sentence of the word easily. It is as convenient as 'google' search engine. Even you just remember general pronunciation, can also get the word you wanted to look for. Adopt international top TTS whole voice technology with pure American pronunciation. It adds up to 150 authoritative dictionaries, each word is furnished with phonetic symbol, etymology, explanation, morphological feature change, etc., and it is exhaustively support the fuzzy inquiry of the word, can deal with the relative clause and inversion sentence, and change the sentence pattern.

Kingsoft PowerWord 2007 Pro is designed for people learning or practicing Chinese at all levels. For beginners, PowerWord 2007 Pro guides you word by word through Pinyin, pronunciations, Chinese character (Simplified & Traditional), origin of character/word, definitions, explanations, phrases, synonyms, antonyms, examples, translations and cultures. For professionals, PowerWord 2007 Pro provides the most comprehensive Chinese, English and Japanese dictionaries, thesaurus and reference sources that covers all areas with its easy to use interface for all of your study, translation and research needs. That is why PowerWord is used in more than 50,000+ educational institutes, businesses and government agencies all over the world by more than 20+ million people.

Interface can be chose either English or Simplified Chinese

Super Volume: Includes over 150 recognized dictionaries.

Multi-Professional: Includes over 70 professional thesaurus: The machine, aviation, chemistry, telecommunication, environment, energy, medical science, pharmacy, economic trade, building, metallurgy, broadcast, geology, automobile, electric power, electrician, deckle, ships, spinning, agriculture herds the wood, LIN2 XUE2, agriculture, calculator, law, fire fight, machine electricity instrument, accountancy, business, psychology, voyage, import and export, mathematics, physics, living creature, paleontology, microbiology, cell biology, genetics, botany, embryology, biochemistry, the human body dissect, zoology, mechanics, atomic, information, electrical engineering, geography, mineral industry, light industry, highway science and technology, survey and map, electronics, mechanical engineering, coal, astronomy, the metallurgy learn, agrology, ocean science, railroad science and technology, voyage science and technology, histology, automation, water conservancy science and technology etc..

Cursor Translator: For English or Chinese website, translation appears instantly by just put cursor on the words..

True man Speaker: Speaker button next to every word, press it to hear standard English or Chinese (Mandarin) pronunciation.

Easy to Read: All the Chinese words have Pin Yin; All the English words have Phonic symbols.

Bilingual Tool: Phrases and example sentences explained in both English and Chinese.

Useful Knowledge including Chinese Cultural: China telephone city code; Measurement & chemical element sign form; Tang-dynasty Poems with poets' introduction; Mandarin Pin Yin index; China history chronicle? Chinese and Foreign festival, and many more...

PowerWord 2007 Pro is easy to use with many powerful features:

Instant four-way, Chinese-English, English-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese, real time translation of web content at cursor point on your screen. Smart on-screen word extracting by mouse, works with Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Netscape, Microsoft Office, MSN, QQ, Acrobat Reader and many other popular application software.

Over 200,000+ example sentences explained in both English and Chinese, 260+ million words and phrases from 220+ professional dictionaries, thesaurus, reference sources and databases, plus 28 useful appendices. Such as: machine, aviation, accounting, mathematics, agriculture, telecommunication, environment, electrical engineering, ocean science, medical science, pharmacy, economic trade, building, metallurgy, broadcast, law, finance, economics, industrial and commercial administration, chemistry, energy, physics, cytology, agrology, entomology, voyage, import and export, zoology, mechanics, atomic, information, coal science, astronomy and psychology, etc.

Full-text Searching system, it performs very fast search in all PowerWord 2007 Pro's database.

Smart fuzzy wildcard matching of a word (e.g. "*", "?"), this is great if you cannot remember how to spell a word. It also allows you to search the entire Internet on selected words/characters in Chinese, English and Japanese with one click through many popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

It pronounces, English and Chinese (Standard Mandarin, Putonghua), words, phrases and sentences, by native male and female voices for you to learn to speak like a native speaker. It also supports leading TTS Voice technology.

User interface can switch between Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese. So no special Chinese language OS is required to install and use this software.

Automatic online upgrade to the latest software versions, this will keep your PowerWord 2007 Pro's database and its functions up to date.

Supporting language: Chinese
Platform supported: Windows XP, Windows 2000
System requirements: Windows 2000 / XP (can be upgraded to Windows Vista)Either English or Chinese Platform

【产品名称】《金山词霸 2007 专业版》

【产品介绍】金山词霸全新嵌入式设计,更有最新学习功能!最新支持WINDOWS XP 和 OFFICE XP,内嵌《美国传统词典》英汉双解版,词典总数超过50本,集成了强大的网络功能,使传统软件和网络紧密的结合起来,可以定时更新最新词库、网上提交最新单词、定时更新词霸界面、随时下载功能插件等。使金山词霸真正成为一种提供强大中英文资源互动和学习的专业平台。


《金山词霸 2007 专业版》几大功能亮点:



新颖的屏幕取词:屏幕取词界面全面更新。新版取词条不仅外观漂亮了许多,而且还具备了多语言同屏显示功能。《金山词霸 2007 专业版》,只要在?取词词典?中加入相应语言的词典,即可获得多语言翻译结果。取词条上有一项?翻译句子?功能。它相当于一款小型的金山快译,能够直接将当前单词所在的句子翻译出来,同时也允许用户自行调整翻译模式,是一项非常实用的功能。



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