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Ming Mu Di Huang Wan (Visex Extract)

  • mingmu dihuang wan
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Product Description

Visex Extract
(Ming Mu Di Huang Wan)
Packing: 200 concentrated pill (160mg each) / bottle
Manufactured by Lanzhou Traditional Herbs, China

This is a patent remedy based on the ancient recipe "Ming Mu Di Huang Wan" (Improve Vision Pill with Rehmanniae; Bright Eyes Rehmannia Pill) in TCM originally appeared in Wan Bing Hui Chun (Restoration of Health from the Myriad Diseases), which is used for nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, improving acuity of vision in cases of dim eyesight, blurring of vision due to deficiency of kidney.

Ingredients: Prepared rehmannia root, dogwood fruit, moutan bark, Chinese yam, poria, oriental water plantain rhizome, wolfberry fruit, chrysanthemum flower, Chinese angelica root, tribulus fruit, abalone shell, white peony root.

Actions: Replenishes liver and kidney yin, nourishes liver blood, sedates liver fire and wind, improves vision.

Indications: Severe dizziness, blurred vision and dry eyes due to deficiency of the liver-yin and kidney-yin, manifested as xenophthalmia, photophobia, blurred vision, epiphora induced by wind and night blindness.

Manifestations Explanations
Blurred vision and dizziness
Tinnitus and deafness
Yin deficiency in the liver and kidneys which cannot nourish the ears and eyes.
Blurred vision and dizziness
Tinnitus and deafness
Dry mouth and thirst
Toothache and sore throat
Flaring up of fire by Yin deficiency of the liver and kidneys
Afternoon fever
Feverish sensation on the palms, soles and in the chest
Night sweating
Yin deficiency with excessive fire in the interior.
Nocturnal emissions Fire from yin deficiency disturbing the spermary.
Red tongue with scanty coating
Thin and rapid pulse
Signs of yin deficiency with heat in the interior

It is applicable to central retinitis, optic neuritis, vitreous opacity, optic atrophy, diabetes, hypertension, infantile malnutrition, maldevelopment, chronic nephritis, menopause and neurasthenia with the above symptoms.*

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 8 pills once time, 3 times a day.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:ming mu di huang wan




明目地黄丸处方源于明·《万病回春》。本方由六味地黄丸增加了枸杞子、菊花、当归、白芍、蒺藜、石决明而成。明目地黄丸是在杞菊地黄丸的组方基础上 增加了养血活血的当归、白芍,还增加了平肝明目、通络的蒺藜、石决明等,对眼睛疾病更有针对性,适用于视物昏花,眼睛胀痛,迎风流泪,青光眼等各种眼睛疾 病。 现代研究本方有抗菌,消炎,降血压作用。临床用于治疗视神经萎缩、角膜炎、青盲、目涩昏花、单纯性青光眼、视网膜病变、白内障等;青盲表现为视力下降较明 显,眼珠外观正常,头昏耳鸣,腰膝酸痛,口干咽燥;目涩有两目干涩,泪液分泌减少,视物昏花,轻度刺痒涩痛,眼白淡红,伴口鼻干燥;单纯性青光眼表现为视 物不清,不能久视,眼球轻度胀痛,体瘦,健忘;内障见视物昏花,常见空中黑花乱舞,单眼复视或多视,多见于老年性白内障早期。

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