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Orphan of Zhao Family -Beijing Opera DVD

  • Orphan of Zhao Family DVD
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Product Description

Product: Peking Opera Zhao Shi Gu Er
Starring: Zhang Jianguo, Deng Muwei
Performed by the Third Troupe of China National Peking Opera Company
Published by Beijing Culture & Art Audio-Visual Publishing House, 2005
Media: 2 DVD
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese
ISBN: 7883012339
ISRC: CN-C02-05-0006-0/V.J8

Beijing Opera Orphan of Zhao Family depicts the rivalry between the good and the evil, the intrigue of cunnings, contrasted by the heroism of honest spirits. The play was written after the founding of the People's Republic of China. It was based on a traditional Beijing Opera play "Hunting the Orphan, Saving the Orphan" and a play in Shaanxi Opera (Qing Qiang) "Orphan of Zhao Family". The main characters played by famous Beijing Opera master Ma Lianliang, Qiu Shengrong, Tan Fuying, Zhang Junqiu, include three of the four Beijing Opera character categories.

This performance of Beijing Opera Orphan of Zhao Family by Zhang Jianguo and Deng Muwei is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of China Peking Opera Theatre.

Story Synopsis

In the Spring and Autumn period Jin State King (Jin Ling Gong) favored assistant Tu An Gu, who built a luxury garden with a tower for the King. On the completion of the garden, the King arranged a banquet to enjoy himself on the tower, which can overview the capital. Tu suggested a game to please the King. They slingshot the people under their view. Whoever hit the head won, or would be "punished" to drink liquor. Prime Minister Zhao Dun came to persuade the King not doing so to lose his subjects' support and criticized Tu on his wrong do.
Tu hated Zhao and ordered one of his servants to assassinate Zhao. The assassin was deeply moved by Zhao's loyalty to the Jin State when he was about to act, and cut his own throat. Zhao presented the incident to the King. Tu and Zhao criticized each other over the incident. The King said he had a dog, a tribute by a foreign state, which could distinguish bad assistant from the good. The dog bit Zhao. Zhao ran out for life. Tu suggested the King to kill Zhao's family.
All Zhao's family members and servants of a total 300 people were killed. Zhao's daughter-in-law, Princess Zhuang_Ji, was the sister of the King, who was excluded from the massacre and ordered to move into a palace. The Princess was pregnant and her child was to be killed when the birth was given. In order to save the Zhao lineage, the Princess figured out a solution with one of Zhao's friends, Cheng Yin.
Upon the birth of her son, the Princess made a public call that she caught a disease that required a doctor with specific skills. Cheng came to answer the call and was allowed to go into the palace, which was guarded by militia under Tu's command. Cheng hid the sleeping orphan in his medical box when he went out the palace. The guard found the baby but did not like the only descendent of a good man to be killed. So he let Cheng leave and killed himself.
Tu learned the orphan had been out of the palace. He ordered to kill all the babies in the state, who were born on the same date as the orphan. Cheng then visited his friend, Gong-Sun Chu-Jiu and asked Gong-Sun to report to Tu. Cheng had a baby son who was about the same as the orphan. He was going to sacrifice him and his son to save the orphan and other babies, and asked Gong-Sun to bring up the orphan. Gong-Sun was old so he asked Cheng to take care of the orphan and he take Cheng's role.
Cheng reported to Tu so that Cheng's own son and Gong-Sun were killed by Tu. To protect the orphan more efficiently, Cheng asked Tu to take the orphan as his adoptive son. Cheng did not tell anyone about the truth. Even the Princess thought he did give out the orphan.
Fifteen years later. The orphan became a well-educated young man with excellent martial skills. The King had died and new king went to the throne. General Wei Jiang, after fifteen years of guarding the state border, came back capital. Learning the tragedy of Zhao's family and the orphan, he invited Cheng to his home. The General pretended to ask Cheng to send good words to Tu for him. Cheng did not response positively. The General got very angry, criticized Cheng's betray of friends and slashed Cheng heavily. Cheng then dared to speak out the truth. The General apologized to Cheng. And they agreed on a way to catch Tu.
Cheng drew cartoons of the happening fifteen years ago. He was in tear for his own son and the misunderstanding to him of such a long time. The orphan, Cheng Wu (Zhao Wu), was shown the cartoons and learned who he was. Cheng set a banquet for Tu. When Tu arrived, he found the General and the Princess were there, too. Tu ordered the orphan, his adoptive son, to arrest the General and the Princess. The orphan told Tu the truth and killed Tu.


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