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Chinese Archaeology Volume 2, 2002

  • Chinese Archaeology Annually in English
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Product: Chinese Archaeology Volume 2, 2002
Edited by Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Archaeology Publications
Published by China Social Sciences Press, 2003
Paperback, 284 pages, dimension 880 x 1230 mm
ISBN: 750043751X
ISBN: 9787500437512

Chinese Archaeology -Journal of the Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, edited by Archaeology Publications, published annually in English.

One volume of Chinese Archaeology will be published each year. The contents consist of important archaeological reports, preliminary reports and research articles published in mainland Chinese journals that year. The selected articles include different periods, different regions, and different archaeological cultures in Chinese archaeology. The research articles include different theories and schools, and many of them were written by young generation of Chinese archaeologists. All of these reports and articles were abridged in Chinese by the authors themselves.

In this Volume:


  • New Development in the Research on the Chronology of the Three Dynasties ---Yin Weizhang
  • 14C Chronological Framework of the Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project ---Qiu Shihua, Cai Lianzhen

Subject Studies

  • An Initial Study o f the Jade Articles from the Niuheliang Site ---Liu Guoxiang
  • On the Bronzes of the Upper Xiajiadian Culture ---Liu Guoxiang
  • On theFuneral Jades from the Marquise Graveyard of the Jin State ---Cao Nan
  • A Study of the Yan Culture and the Central Plains Culture Elements in the Shanrong Culture ---Jin Fengyi, Wang Jihong
  • A Study of Urn-Burials in the Warring States and Qin-Han Periods ---Bai Yunxiang
  • Study of the Qin Clay Sealings at the Xiangjiaxiang Site in Xi'an ---Liu Qinzhu, Li Yufang
  • The Han Period Round Ingots of Gold Unearthed at Tanjiaxiang in the Northern Outskirts of Xi'an ---Authenthication Group of the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Antiquity
  • A Study on the Decorated Stone Sarcophagi of the Eastern Han Dynasty ---Luo Erhu
  • Archaeological Research on the Location of Ye City in Minyue ---Wu Chunming
  • Research on the Wanfotang Cave Temple of the Northern Wei Dynasty at Yixian County ---Liu Jianhua
  • A Tentative Study of Buddhist Statues from the Southern Dynasties Unearthed in the Chengdu Region ---Li Yuqun
  • A Study of the Layout of the Ancient City of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto) ---Meng Fanren
  • Some Basic Problems in the Study of Ancient Chinese and Japanese Capitals and Palaces --- Wang Zhongshu
  • On the Influence of the Lindedian Pavilion, Daminggong Palace, Tang Chang'an City, Upon the Design of Palaces in the Japanese Capitals Heijokyo and Heiankyo ---Wang Zhongshu

Scientific Archaeology

  • DNA Analysis of the Neolithic Human Bones from the Jiangjialiang Site ---Laboratory of Ancient DNA, Jilin University
  • Radiocarbon Dates, Report No. XXVII ---Center for Scientific Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, CASS

Survey and Excavation

  • The Weidun Site in Changzhou, Jiangsu in 1985 ---Changzhou Museum
  • The Cemetery of Liangzhu Culture at Longtangang, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province ---Zhejiang Provincial Instutute of Antiquity and Archaeology and Haiyan County Museum
  • The Mojiaoshan Site in Yuhang in 1992-1993 ---Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology
  • The "Big Ash Ditch" in the North of the Palace of the Shang Enclosure at Yanshi in Henan in 1996-1997 ---The Henan Archaeological Team-II of the Institute of Archaeology, CASS
  • Excavation of A Large Architectural Foundation at the Yinxu Site ---Zheng Zhenxiang
  • The Kangjiatun City-site in Beipiao City, Liaoning ---Liaoming Provincial Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology
  • The Gaoshaji Site of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties at Wangcheng County, Hu'nan ---Hu'nan Provincial Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology, Changsha Municipal Museum, Changsha Municipal Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology and the CPAM of Wangcheng County
  • The Early Western Zhou Burial (ZGW99M1) at the Waliu Site, Zhengzhou City, Henan ---Zhengzhou Municipal Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology
  • The Sixth Excavation of the Jin Marquis Cemetery at Beizhao in the Tianma-Qucun Sitye ---School of Archaeology and Museology, Beijing University and Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology
  • The Warring States Burial at Zhenzhichang in Luoyang Municipality ---Luoyang Municipal Archaeological Team
  • Trial Excavation of the Qin City Site at Baodi ---Archaeology Department of Tianjin Municipal Museum of History and Baodi County Cultural Center
  • Building Site No. 3 in the Guigong Palace within the Han Chang'an City ---Sino-Japanese Joint Archaeological Team from LA, CASS and Nara National Cultural Properties Institute, Japan
  • Qin Clay Sealings at the Xiangjiaxiang Site in Xi'an ---The Han Chang'an City Archaeological Team, Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • The Stone Chambered Mounds on the West Hill at Mt. Yu in Changshu, Jiangsu ---Suzhou Museum and Changshu Museum
  • The Western Han Tomb No. 2 at Yaozhiling, Yongzhou City, Hu'nan ---Hu'nan Provincial Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology and Zhishan District CPAM of Yongzhou City
  • The Ancient Burials at Lijiashan In Jiangchuan, Yunnan ---Yunan Provincial Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology, CPAM of Yuxi Municipality and Cultural Bureau of Jiangchuan County
  • The Yangfutou Cemetery in Kunming, Yunnan Province ---Yunnan Provincial Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology, Kunming Municipal Museum and Guandu District Museum
  • Ancient Tombs at the Piyang-Donggar Site in Zanda County, Tibet ---Chinese Institute of Tibetology, Archaeology Department of Sichuan University  and Antiquity Bereau of Tibetan Autonomous Region
  • Second Excavation of the Koguryo Mountain Castle at Shitaizi in Shenyang City, Liaoning ---Shenyang Municipal archaeology Team
  • Tomb 95MNIM8 at the Niya Site in Minfeng County, Xinjiang ---Xinjiang Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology
  • The Eastern Jin Tombs at Xianheguang in Nanjing, Jiangsu ---Nanjing Municipal Museum
  • The Mingtang Site at Pingcheng of the Northern Wei Dynasty in Datong City, Shanxi Province -Wang Yintian, Cao Chenming and Han Shengcun
  • The Yu Hong's Tomb of the Sui Dynasty in Taiyuan ---Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, Taiyuan Municipal Institute of Archaeology and Jinyuan District Bureau of Antiquity and Tourism in Taiyuan
  • The Paddy Field Remains at Lijiaba Area I in Chongqing ---Archaeology Department, College of History and Culture, Sichuan University, Chongqing Municipal Cau7ltural Bureau and Yunyang District CPAM
  • The Song Period Mural Tomb at Heishangou, Dengfeng, Henan Province ---Zhengzhou Municipal Institute of Antiquity and Archaeology and Denfeng Municipal Bureau of Antiquity


  • Summary of the "International Symposium on the Origin of Ancient Chinese Civilization and Its Early Development" ---Shi Jinsong




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