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Classical Aria Accompaniments of Cheng's School (3 CDS)

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Classic Aria Accompaniments of Cheng's School
Performed by China Beijing Opera Theatre Orchestra
Published and distributed by Beijing Culture and Art Audio and Video Publishing House, 2003
3 CDS, 168 minutes
ISRC CNC020331200

Included the classic aria accompaniments of Cheng's School are: Empress He Reviles at the Court, the Story of Su San, Snow in Midsummer, the Unicorn Purse, Tears in the Wild Mountain, Yingtai Rejects the Marriage, the Fenhe River Bay, Ma Zhao Yi, Wu Jia Po, Dream of the Young Lady's Boudoir, the Tomb of the Affectionate Couple

CHENG YANQIU (1904-1958), born in Beijing. He shared the honor of being one of the Four Great Dan Actors with Mei Lanfang, Shang Xiaoyun and Xun Huisheng. He began to learn Beijing opera at the age of six. He learned wu sheng from Rong Diexian, hua dan from Chen Tongyun, qigyi from Chen Xiaoyun and daoma dan from Yan Lanqiu. He also took Mei Lanfang as his tutor. He benefited much from Wang Yaoqing's teaching. At the age of eleven he went on state and at the age of twelve he cooperated with Sun Juxian, Liu Hongsheng, Gao Qingkui. Yu Shuyan and others in performing General's Son to Be Executed, A Child Left in the Mulberry Garden. The Pavilion of Royal Monument, etc.. which earned favorable comment. He could play various roles. After he set up a company her performed and was well known for playing parts of qingyi and daoma dan in the Rainbow Pass, the Story of Su San, etc. He also wrote and performed a lot of new operas since the 1920s, such as the Blue Frost Sword, an Emerald Hairpin, Lady Mei, the Dream of the Young Lady, the Unicorn Purse, Yingtai Rejects the Marriage, etc. These operas were favorably received by the audience. There was something unique about his singing, soft and pleasing, firm but gentle, and it deeply affected the audience's emotions. He paid special attention to expressing characters' feeling s and portraying characters vividness. He created many ways of using water sleeve and improved the art of water sleeve of dan performers. During the war of resistance against Japan, he lived a solitary life as a farmer in the western suburbs of Beijing. In the 1930s, he was president of Beiping Branch of Nanjing Conservatory of Traditional Opera Music and president of Zhonghua Traditional Opera Training School. He toured Europe for research in art in 1932. The countries he visited include France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.  After the founding of new China, he was appointed vice-president of Chinese Academy of Traditional Opera. The books he wrote included "Collected Works of Cheng Yanqiu" and "Selected Operas Performed by Cheng Yanqiu".




1《锁麟囊》 西皮二六
2《锁麟囊》 西皮流水
3《锁麟囊》 西皮原板、摇板
4《锁麟囊》 二黄慢板
5《锁麟囊》 西皮原板、流水
6《锁麟囊》 西皮二六、散板
7《贺后骂殿》 二黄导板、慢板、三眼
8《英台抗婚》 南梆子
1《六月雪》 二黄慢板
2《六月雪》 反二黄慢板
3《春闺梦》 西皮二六、流水
4《春闺梦》 南梆子
5《春闺梦》 二黄导板、回龙、三眼
6《荒山泪》 西皮慢板
7《汾河湾》 西皮原板
1《马昭仪》 二黄原板
2《马昭仪》 二黄慢板
3《玉堂春》 西皮慢板
4《玉堂春》 西皮原板
5《玉堂春》 西皮二六
6《鸳鸯冢》 二黄慢板、散板
7《武家坡》 西皮流水

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