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Collection of Tan Xinpei's Beijing Opera CD

  • collection of Tan Xin Pei CD
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Peking Opera Famous Players and Famous Plays: Collection of Tan Xinpei
Medium: 1 CD
Published by China Record Shanghai Co.

Collection of Tan Xinpei is compiled from the earliest China recording, 9 arias including Fisherman's Revenge, Selling Horse, Hong Yang Cave, Battle of Taiping, a Child Left in the Mulberry Garden, the Fourth Son Visits His Mother...

Tan Xinpei (1847-1917), a native of Jiangxia (now Wuchang), Hubei. His father, Tan Zhidao, wa an actor of Han (Hubei) opera, playing the lao dan (old female) role. Tan Xinpei moved to Beijing along with his father and enrolled himself in the Xiaojinkui, studying the lao sheng (old male) role. After he joined the Yongshengkui Troupe, Tan had to turn to play the wu sheng (martial male) role due to vocal problem. Later he joined the Sanqing Troupe, playing the wu sheng and wu chou (martial clown) roles. Cheng Changgeng, master of the Sanqing Troupe, adopted Tan as his son.
After Cheng's death, Tan Xinpei shifted to the Sixi Troupe and earned a reputation of being recognized as one of the three newly emerged outstanding actors in the lao sheng role. The other two were Sun Juxian of the Sixi and Wang Guifen of the Chuntai Troupe. There once was a saying, "No actors would not sing in Tan's tune."
In his career of over half a century, he established and developed the performing art of the lao sheng role of Beijing opera. His voice was characterized by a perfect combination of strength and gentleness. All the emotions would be vividly expressed by his singing. He was particularly good at acting, which accounted for his successful characterizations. His performing art was recognized as the Tan style. He performed in many plays, the representative ones being Ruse of Empty City, Selling Horse, Suicide at the Monument, Mount Dingjun, Battle of Taiping, Pearl Screen Fort, Nan Yang Pass, a Child Left in the Mulberry Garden, at the Bend of Fen River, Silang Visits His Mother, Hong Yang Cave, Capture and Release of Cao Cao, the Extended Encampment, In and Out of the Box, the Gate of South Heaven and a Fisherman's Revenge.
The Tan style had a far-reaching influence. Among the many followers of Tan, Yu Shuyan, Gao Qingkui, Yan Jupeng, Ma Lianliang and Zhou Xinfang all developed their own lao sheng styles on the basis of the Tan style heritage. Tan's fifth son, Tan Xiaopei, and grandson, Tan Fuying, were also renowned lao sheng actors, His great-grandson, Tan Yuanshou, is now a veteran in the same role.






壹 洪羊洞 二黄快三眼
贰 秦琼卖马 西皮三眼
叁 托兆碰碑 反二黄慢板
肆 战太平 西皮原板、快板
伍 桑园寄子 二黄慢板、快三眼
陆 打渔杀家 西皮原板
柒 乌盆记 反二黄三眼
捌 四朗探母 西皮慢板
玖 捉放宿店 二黄慢板、原板

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