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Killed Ma Su, Stole the Grass of Supernatural Beings, Xie Li Sighed the Moon VCD

  • Executing Ma Su
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The Quintessence of Chinese Culture -Beijing Opera
Killed Ma Su performed by Li Hezheng, Yuan Shihai and Li Shilin
Stole the Grass of Supernatural Beings performed by Liu Xiurong
Xie Li Sighed the Moon performed by Gao Shenglin
Published by New Central Audio-Visual Press
ISRC CNA119700030

中国京剧精萃 斩马谡 盗仙草 薛礼叹月

Executing Ma Su

Peking Opera Executing Ma Su story is based on Chapter 96 of the historical fiction Three Kingdoms. Zhuge Liang takes the risk of the empty-city stratagem to drive off Sima Yi, immediately abandons the Xie valley West City County, and Nanan, Tianshui, Anding three prefectures, returns to Hanzhong quickly. Fortunately General Zhao Yun brings up the rear, the troops return without loss of one soldier one ride. Having counted the troops, Zhuge Liang is reported that Ma Su, Wang Ping come together with Gao Xiang and Wei Yan. Zhuge Liang calls out Wang Ping enter first, interrogates the loss. Wang Ping detailed to state Ma Su rejecting advice and lost Jieting, and himself how divide forces and pursue thing of rescuing, etc. After Wang Ping walks out from Zhuge Liang's court, Ma Su came in to be charged to an account. Zhuge Liang becomes angry and closely questions and says to Ma Su: You are not calling the well-read in book on military strategy and tactics, the person who familiars with tactics? You should have known how important Jie Ting is for us, what is more, how innumerably I gave you warnings and repeated exhortations when I saw your departure. If you listen to the advising of Wang Ping early, what to having this? Su Ma only takes the deep blame by oneself, bows his head to receive military criminal code, only begs his old mother off with eighty years old. Zhuge Liang ordered attendants to tie him and take out for execution, but called back and consoled him with kind speech, appeared much reluctant to see his death. All those show Zhuge Liang not only just likes a person of talent but also has a regret of his mistaken employment. So although Ma Su was executed by the military law, Zhuge Liang still shed tears and wailed for Ma Su's death.

Steal the Magic Herb

Stealing the Magic Herb is a Beijing Opera highlight of White Snake. Admiring the worldly life, two snakes turned into beautiful ladies by the names of Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing, after practicing asceticism for 1,000 years in the Emei Mountain. They were caught in a heavy rain by the West Lake, but luckily met a young man named Xu Xian, who borrowed them his umbrella and took the same boat. Xu and Bai fell in love with each other and soon got married. But the couple was persecuted a great deal by Monk Fa Hai, who envied their love and happiness. Xu fell for Fa Hai's trick, and got Bai drunk on the Dragon Boat Festival. He was scared dead by Bai who turned back to a snake. After Bai woke up and realized what happened, she risked her life to steal back the glossy ganoderma to save Xu's life.

Xue Li Heaves a Sigh by Gao Shenglin

The Beijing Opera is about the story of Xue Rengui (formal name Xue Li) who was a volunteer for army under the general Zhang Shigui, had lots of battle achievements in the front but not awarded record of merits in his name by the general Zhang, before Emperor Taizong knew him and gave him a general title in the early Tang Dynasty.


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