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Lohan Fist (Arhat or Monk Fist) VCD

  • Monk Fist
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Product Description

Fighting and Capture Series: Lohan Fist (Arhat or Monk Fist)
Instructor and demonstrator: Gao Xiang, Yin Guojie
Publisher: Henan Electronic and Audio-Visual Publishing House
Language: Chinese and English
Packing: 1 VCD, Jewel Box
Regional Code: Free, all
ISBN: 7885093190
ISRC: CNF420300410

Program and Content Description

Monk Fist is a classical fist of Chinese martial arts, having great respect in the Shaolin school, regarded as the treasure which guards the Shaolin temple.
Luohan fist has been unlocked and spread out of the Shaolin temple lately. The most influential experts are "Shaolin Golden Arhat", Miao Xing and "The first south feet", Liu BaiChuan, a wushu master from Anhui province, who defeated an English strong man by "Luohan Zimu Yuanyang Lianhuan Tui".
The main knacks are: moving head as wave, moving hands as meteors, moving feet as drunkard and willow-like posture, emitting energy from the heart, seeming to be firm but not firm, seeming to be true but false, more practice making understanding and proficiency making skill.

Lecturer and demonstrator: Gao Xiang, Yin Guojie

Sanshou (Chinese: 散手, lit. free hand) or Sanda (Chinese: 散打, lit. free fighting) is here considered just one of the components of Chinese martial arts. Sanshou is composed of Chinese martial arts applications including most aspects of combat including striking and grappling. One can see Sanshou as a synthesis of traditional Chinese kung fu fighting techniques into a more amorphous system and is commonly taught alongside traditional Chinese styles which Sanshou techniques, theory and training methods are derived from. The emphasis of Sanshou is on realistic fighting ability. As an unarmed self-defense, close combat system, Sanshou includes DA punches, kicks TI and grappling Shuai, Na (throws, locks, chokes).

载体:VCD 单碟


  罗汉拳到了近代才被解秘外传,影响最大的名家是少林寺“金罗汉”妙兴和安徽武术家“江南第一脚”刘百川。刘百川曾以“罗汉 子母鸳鸯连环脚”击败过英国大力士。


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