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Peking Opera General Lu Bu and Beauty Diao Chan VCD

  • Beijing Opera Lu Bu and Diao Chan Movie VCD
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Outstanding Chinese Drama: Peking Opera General Lu Bu and Beauty Diao Chan
Performed by Ye Shaolan, Xu Jiabao, in 1983
Produced by First August Film Corporation
2 VCD disks
Published by Beijing Third Circle Audio-Visual Publishing House
ISRC: CNA609702500

Beijing Opera Movie: Lu Bu and Diao Chan, The Warrior And The Beauty

A traditional Peking Opera play depicts a story episodes from the historical fiction, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Diao Chan, one of the four great beauties of China, is tasked to entice Lu Bu, the warrior, to create friction with his foster father Dong Zhuo, the Prime Minister, who has usurped the throne. Lu Bu is captivated by the beauty of Diao Chan and falls into her trap.

Ye Shaolan (1942-), a native of Beijing and son of Ye Shenglan. He was a graduate of China Traditional Opera School. Later he pursued further study at the Central Drama Academy. At the same time, he learned with Jiang Miaoxiang. Yu Shenfei. He is also a disciple of his father. His stage appearance is handsome and his voice sweet. He is good at portraying different characters. His repertoire includes General Lu Bu and Beauty Diao Chan, the Meeting of Heroes, Butterfly Lovers, General Luo Cheng, etc.

出版社: 北京三环音像出版社


汉朝末年,奸臣当道,太师董卓专横残暴,独揽大权,久怀篡逆之心,其义子吕布骁勇非常,使董卓如虎添翼,越发肆无忌惮。 司徒王允拟为国锄奸,苦无良策;府中歌姬貂蝉美艳绝伦且深明大义,愿舍身救国。王允一见大喜,决定收认貂蝉为义女,并定下连环计,引诱董卓、吕布父子来上钩。王允赠吕布金冠一顶。吕布心中大喜,特意登门前来致谢。王允设宴招待吕布,席间命貂蝉出堂敬酒。吕布一见貂蝉,即神魂飘荡,不能自持。王允看到此种情景,当下同意将貂蝉许配给吕布,并约定日期送吕府完婚。王允又宴请董卓,命貂蝉率众舞女献舞,貂蝉的绝代风华和翩翩舞姿,令董卓如醉如痴。董卓赞叹不已,称貂蝉为仙界人物。王允当场把貂蝉献给董卓。董卓大喜,即带貂蝉回到府中。吕布闻知后,愤怒异常,与王允理论,王允表示事出无奈,并乘机离间董卓、吕布的关系。吕布入太师府见貂蝉数次,均未一叙,反而遭到董卓的驱赶,他怒火中烧。一日,吕布趁董卓上朝,到风仪亭与貂蝉相会。吕布恐被董卓撞见欲离去,貂蝉不允,假意要投池自尽,吕布慌忙拦阻。其时董卓回府,撞个正着。董卓大怒,拔戟直刺吕布,卓婿李儒赶来劝阻,吕布乘机夺路而去。王允对吕布又施挑拨,吕布决心除去董卓,王允派人假传天子诏,命董卓赴金阙。董卓赶来,被王允等百官持剑包围,吕布持戟直刺董卓喉咙。

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