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Peking Opera Master Tan Fuying's Classic Arias CD

  • Peking opera Master Tang Fuying
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Collection of Peking Opera Master: Tan Fuying's Classic Arias
Medium: 1 CD
Produced by Shanghai Audio and Video Publishing House

Selected arias from famous plays: A Child Left in the Mulberry Garden, Ding Jun Mountains, etc.

Tan Fuying (1906-1977), born in Beijing. His grandfather, Tan Xinpei, and father, Tan Xiaopei, were both outstanding lao sheng players. An inheritor of the family art tradition, he entered the Fuliancheng at the age of 12 and was instructed by Xiao Changhua, Wang Xixiu and Lei Xifu. After the training, he offered himself as Yu Shuyan's pupil, and established his fame in the early 1930s. His voice was clear and pleasingly crisp. He performed well in a large range of plays, including Mount Dingjun, Battle of Taiping, a Child Left in the Mulberry Garden, a Ghost Basin, Reviling Cao Cao While Beating a Drum, In and Out of the Box, Hong Yang Cave, Silang Visits His Mother, Ruse of Empty City, the Pearl Screen Fort, Rescue of an Orphan, the Meeting of Heroes, the Pavilion of Royal Monument and General and Minister Are Reconciled. His son, Tan Yuanshou, has inherited the Tan style, which is also followed by Ma Changli and Gao Baoxian.

表演者: 谭富英
出版者: 上海音像出版社
介质: 1碟装CD
ISRC: CNE079800310


一 《乌盆记》(1959年录音)
  1 《行路》 2 《遇害》 3 《见判》 4 《鬼怨》
二 《桑园寄子》(1957年录音)
三 《定军山》(1954年音)

谭富英(1906一1977) 名豫升。祖籍湖北江夏(今武昌),生于北京,出身梨园世家。谭鑫培之孙,小培之子。幼承家学,十二岁入富连成科班学艺,先学武生,后改老生。得萧长华、王喜秀、雷喜福教益。

1923年出科后,曾与碧云霞、雪艳琴、荀慧生、筱翠花、尚小云等合作。 1934年以后始组班领衔主演。 谭富英的嗓音清亮甜脆,吐字行腔不过分雕琢,不追求花哨,用气充实,行腔一气呵成,听来情绪饱满,痛快淋漓。因谭在幼年学过武生,故其在武功和身段动作上颇为灵巧、利索。例如他演出的《定军山》一剧,不仅唱工惊人,他那稳练的靠功和刀花动作,干净利落,引入入胜,把一个老当益壮的黄忠形象,演得活龙活现。由于他在艺术上唱做兼能,文武具备,早在三十年代初即已享名,是继马连良之后,成就显著,舞台生涯最长的“四大须生”之一。擅长剧目有《失空斩》、《战太平》、《定军山》、《桑园寄子》、《奇冤报》、《击鼓骂曹》、《洪羊洞》、《搜孤救孤》、《四郎探母》、《桑园会》、《珠帘寨》、《打棍出箱》、《御碑亭》、《群英会》等。

新中国建立后,任北京京剧团副团长,与马连良、张君秋、裘盛戎合作,排演了《秦香莲》、《赵氏孤儿》、《群英会》、《将相和》 等剧。在这些新排剧目中,从表演到唱腔,从音乐到服装、道具,进行了全面改革,使舞台演出焕然一新。

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