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The Eight Diagrams Linked Palm VCD

  • eight diagrams-linked palm
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The Eight Diagrams Linked Palm VCD
Demonstrated by Jiang Ludi, champion of the national wushu competition
Explained by Nie Jianguo, head coach of Henan Wushu team
Published by Henan Electronic Audio and Video Press
Language: Chinese and English
ISRC CNF420100710

Bagua Zhang or the eight-diagram palm is one of the most popular schools in China. It is also called Youshen Bagua (roving eight-diagram), Longxing Bagua (dragon-shaped eight-diagram), Xingyi Bagua (Xingyi eight-diagram Chuan), Yinyang Bapan Zhang (positive-negative eight-plate palm), etc.

The eight-diagram palm is based on the old Chinese philosophy of eight combinations of three whole and broken lines used in divination. While practicing, the practitioner moves according to the eight diagrams. There are eight basic palm plays. A total of 64 palm tricks and moves have come from the original eight basic palm plays. Apart from solo practices, there are also sparring, Sanshou (free sparring) and fighting with weapons, such as Bagua sword play, Bagua sabre play and Bagua cudgel play, and Bagua play of shaft decorated with seven stars, etc. While practicing these routines, practitioners rove around like a dragon moving amidst clouds.

Bagua Zhang features dexterity and agility. When moving around it is like walking in a muddy place, with foot steps changing all the time like running water. Palm tricks and body movements follow one after another. The roving around looks like endless circles which overlap one another. The body turns around from the waist during walking, roving, turning, rising and falling. Palm tricks change with the movements of the body. When the upper body protrudes, the lower part of the body squats back to keep balance. When the arms are sent out, the feet are drawn back. When moving it is like a roaming dragon; when squatting it is like a sitting tiger; when looking around it is like a monkey on the lookout; when roving it is like a circling eagle.

The Eight Trigrams Linked Palm is the First Prize Form in the National Wushu Competition. Moving methods in this form are particular in direction changes. It involves palm linkage and step movements in every direction, covering both the length and breadth.

This program is based on the principles of higher starting point, authentic theories, and excellent works. Hearty and generous impartation here is aimed at quick and effective acquirement by any learner.

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八卦掌是中国武术的主要门派,根据古代[易经]学说演绎而成。始有一拳生八掌 ,八掌套连环,生成八八六十四连环掌法。运动形式讲究方位变化,步走八方,纵横交错,变化莫测。是中华武术文化中的经典之作。本片立足高起点、传正宗、出精品的原则,以学员为本,倾囊传授,使您即学即会。

示范:姜鲁地 全国武术冠军
主讲:聂建国 河南省武术队主教练

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