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The Selections from Records of the Taiping Era

  • records of the taiping era
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The Selections from Records of the Taiping Era
Compiled by Li Fang (Song Dynasty) and others
Translated by Zhang Guangqian
Published by Foreign Languages Press, 2001
Paper back, 525 pages
ISBN 7119028944

Old Zhang; The Kylin Rider; A Well Digger's Adventure; The Mountain God's Daughter-in-Law; The Ocher River God; Xue Zhao; A Hired Hand's Adventure; A Boat Ride on the Map; Priest Andao and His Two Disciples; The Priest Who Plugs His Ears; Hermit Zhang; One Who Paints Without Brush and Colors; The Old Man at the Inn; A Dandy's Pleasure Trip; The Proprietress at the Wooden Bridge; The Carpenter and His Wooden Cranes; A New Ghost; The Traveler in Liyang County; Zhao Tai; The Courier in a Yellow Jacket; The Pink Sleeve; A Chance Meeting in Limbo; Mr Li; Gentleman A; The Shattered Specter; General Liu; The Lily; The Girl in the Well; The Old Midget; The Fox Vampire; Who is the Fox? The Official's Wife; The Tribal Chief of Juyan; The Kingdom of Golden Elephant; A Mural in the Temple of Chrysanthemum; A Parrot Fights a Mountain Fire; The Turtle and the Mulberry Tree; The Long-beard Kingdom; The Moter Bear; The Hunter and the White Elephant; The White Ape; Mount Raven; The Wrestler; The Stutterer; The Princess' Stolen Treasures; Rope Acrobat; The Corpse on the Coffin; Prince Ning; The Blacksmith's Money; Li Jing the Demigod; A Powerful Sneeze; The Scarred Monk; The Man with a Dark Countenance; Mr Xiao; Ms Wei's Dragon Ride; The Golden Berry; Stories from the Kingdom of Silla; The Pearl; The Blood-Stained Coat; The Two Friends; Red Strand; The Assassin; The Magic Bottle; The Woman's First Mirror and the Bitten Nose; The Muddlehead; A Potential Rapist; An Old Man in the Han Dynasty; The Fox Tail; The Lucky Stones; The Lunar Goddess; The Meditator; The Erudite Gentleman in the Capital; The Tiger at the Yangtze Gorges; The Disciplinarian; The Two Brothers; Love-Knot Inn; The Blushing Cheeks; re-matching the Broken Mirror; The Departed Soul; Mr Shentu's Wife; The Conch Girl; Zhang's Daughter; The Maiden on the Painted Screen; Charcoal Valley; Sea Giants; The Snake on the Shoulder-pole; The Tumor; The Polyps; The Monk in Jiang Prefecture; The Ingenious Carpenter; An Ancient Tomb; Water Painting; Into the Porcelain Pillow; The Southern Bough; A Kingdom in the Ear
Publisher's Note
Foreign Languages Press is dedicated to the editing, translating and publishing of books in foreign languages. Over the past several decades it has published, in English, a great number of China's classics and records as well as literary works from the Qin down to modern times, in the aim to fully display the best part of the Chinese culture and its achievements. These books in the original are famous and authoritative in their respective fields, and their English translations are masterworks produced by notable translators both at home and abroad. Each book is carefully compiled and translated with minute precision. Consequently, the English versions as well as their Chinese originals may both be rated as classics.
It is generally considered that these English translations are not only significant for introducing China to the outside world but also useful reading materials for domestic English learners and translators. For this reason, we have carefully selected some of these books, and will published them successively in Chinese-English bilingual form.

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