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Yong Chun Quan: Peng-Style Wooden Figure Stake VCD

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Product Description

Yongchun Quan: Peng Style Wooden Man Stake VCD
Demonstrated by Peng Shusong
Language: Mandarin and Cantonese
Published by Physical Education Press
ISRC CN-M23-99-324-04

Yong Chun Wooden Dummy Quan: Wooden Dummy Exercise is a simulated combat exercise integrating the hand techniques, leg techniques and footwork of Minor Practice, Thrusting Fingers, and Seeking Bridge. This exercise develops the awareness of real combat and improves the combat techniques. It is a kind of combat exercise just as Press Waist, Barehanded Counter Exercise and Yong Chun Hand Push is.

The saying "Taiji covers Northern China while Yong Chun leading the South" fully describes the popularity of Yongchun Boxing. Yong Chun Quan (Boxing) is an unusual branch of the martial arts in Southern China. It is Bruce Lee, the contemporary martial artist and actor well known by the West world, who introduces this boxing to the whole world. And Mr. Peng Nan in Foshan, Guangdong Province has developed it into so quick a play that the movements seem invisible. Yong Chun Boxing belongs to the internal boxing style. The force of each movement comes from the internal energy. While playing, your will direct the internal energy and the energy changes into force, with your will, energy and force going in one. This boxing is quite practical in real-life combats. The routines of Peng-style Yong Chun Boxing include Minor Practice, Thrusting Fingers, Seeking Bridge and Wooden Dummy Exercise. The Weapon routines are Butterfly double dagger and Ludianban Cudgel.

Yongchun Quan (Eternal Youth Boxing) originated in Fujian Province, later spreading south to Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong. Yongchun Quan is just one of a number of styles under the general term, "Nan Quan," the Southern School of Boxing, a vigorous and aggressive school popular south of the Yangtze River.

The Yongchun boxing features: steady stances, generation of forces, three tricks with six forces, fists playing close to one's own body, usage of explosive power, stressing on real combat, focusing on completion of movements, combination of offence and defense by forcing up or crushing down the fists or feet from the opposing side. This style of boxing emphasizes speed of play, keeping fists and feet close to one's body for better protection, as well as to prepare for attacks and fighting the opponent at close range. When fighting, Yongchun boxers contain their chest, arch the back, close their elbows and knees, draw in their ribs, keep their thighs closed to protect the groin. When they use their feet for attack, they must also use their hands in cooperation. When they kick they do not expose their groin and when they deliver fist down, their hands do not leave the front of their body.

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