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Quick Understanding of Clinical Fundamentals of TCM

  • Quick Understanding of Clinical Fundamentals of TCM
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Book title: Quick Understanding of Clinical Fundamentals of TCM (English)
(Studies of Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases, Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber and Doctrine of Epidemic Febrile Diseases)
Chief Editor: Liu Gongwang, English translator Liu Changlin
Publishing: Tianjin Science & Technology Translation & Publishing Co., 12/2008
Binding: hardcover, 10.50 x 7.50 inches, 428 pages
ISBN: 9787543322288

It is difficult to study  TCM and what is even more difficult is to become a well-known TCM physician. Not only does the difficulty lie in mastering plenty of TCM fundamentals and skills, but also in grasping it unique thinking models, which need to be experienced and verified in one's clinical application of them time and again. Being an integration of TCM theories with its clinical practice, the TCM clinical fundamentals subject consists of the knowledge of Treatise on Shanghan, Treatise on Jingui, and Doctrine of Wenbing.

From the ancient times on, there have been so many medical books directly or indirectly related to Treatise on Shanghan (Exogenous Febrile Diseases), Treatise on Jingui (Synopsis of the Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber) and Doctrine Wenbing (Epidemic Febrile Diseases, and since 1950's when the higher education in TCM came into being in China, quite a few correlated textbooks have been repeatedly revised and as many as six or seven versions published formally that the learners are at a loss where to start their studies. It is desirable for a TCM teacher to impart the knowledge to the students and for a learner to master what he or she ought to grasp.

Through more than 10 years' study and several times' revision and supplement of Professor Liu Gongwang and some of his colleagues, this book here is accomplished by the efforts made in their research work. Featuring concision in word and comprehension in meaning, it concentrates on the main points and presentation of the essence, is closely linked with modern clinical practice and offers enlightenments in many aspect. As most of its contents are literally the essentials of the author's TCM lecture notes, this book would be sure to give TCM teachers great convenience.

In TCM emphasis is placed on seeking out the pathogenesis of a disease by closely examining and differentiating its syndrome, which means that its pathogenesis is mostly adversely inferred from its syndrome and that the inference basis is where it "theory" exists. In view of this, it can be said that a "syndrome" is the concrete manifestation of its "theory" and pathogenesis. Since designing a formula is built on establishing therapy, and choosing herbs depends on the formula, the formula is the concrete manifestation of its therapy and drugs. By grasping the formula and syndrome, it is possible to master, from complexity to simplicity, the general trend of Diagnosis and Treatment based on Differentiation of Syndromes.

Determination of Treatment based on Differentiation of Syndromes and Establishment of Therapy and Regulation of Designing Formulas are simplified and combined into the "formula-syndrome relationship," which is the academic starting point to explore and summarize the knowledge of the three ancient books. Having been applied in TCM teaching and clinics for years, it is now compiled into this book by the authors.

Part One: Formulas and Syndromes of Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases

Chapter One: Substance of Differentiation of Syndromes According to six Charnels in Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases
Chapter Two: Two Methods of the Research on the Relationship between Formulas and Syndromes
Chapter Three: Transmission Relationship 0f the Six Channel syndrome
Chapter Four: Classification of Syndromes According to the Formulas
Chapter Five: Analysis of Major Formula Syndromes of Treatise 0n Exogenous Febrile Diseases
Chapter Six: Differentiation of Syndromes According to Six Channels

Part Two: Formulas and Syndromes of the Synopsis Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber

Part Three: Formulas and Syndromes of Doctrine of Epidemic Febrile Diseases

作者:刘公望 主编,刘长林 译
装帧: 精装,16开,428页

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