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Song Series of Long March - Documentary of Stage Art DVD

  • the musical Song Series of Long March
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Song Series of Long March
- Documentary of Stage Art
Director: Wang Ping, Huang Baoshan
Starring: Ma Yutao, Geng Lianfeng, Jia Shijun, Yang Yiran, Ma Guoguang, Wang Bohua
Produced by August First Film Studio
Published by China Three Rings Publish House, 2005
Media: 1 discs of DVD-5, All regions
Language: Sung in Mandarin with subtitles in Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English options
ISBN: 9787880542027
ISRC: CNA600500710

From August 1934 to October 1936 the Chinese Workers and Peasants' Red Armies undertook a massive military retreat, an unprecedented long march, left their stronghold in the province of Jiangxi, the south of China, escaped the pursuit of the Kuomintang (KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party) army, traveled in a curve route to the west and north. The retreat of all the Red Armies linked up in the province of Shaanxi on 22 October 1936. The Long March led the Communists through eleven provinces, over raging rivers and snow-capped mountain ranges, through swamps and forests. They had to fight against Nationalist armies as well as the troops of provincial warlords, local bandits and hostile tribesmen. At one point where water was unknown they could survive only by drinking their own urine. At times, when there was no food, they resorted to cooking leather belts and shoes to make "beef soup".

They once marched twenty-seven consecutive days without one day of rest; once they marching fifty miles in one day. At night, torches were forbidden to avoid detection by the enemy, and each soldier marched with his hand on the shoulder of the man in front of him. The average daily coverage was seventeen miles over the course of the year, or twenty-six miles if the eight-week recuperation in Sichuan is excluded.

The Long March has become part of the mythology of modern Chinese Nationalism and Communism. The spirit and earnestness of this epic journey is frequently referenced by the current Chinese leadership who liken their 'reforms' to the New Long March.

"The Red Army is not afraid of hardship on march" is the first line of Chairman Mao' poem the Long March.

Song Series of Long March is the musical. Created in 1965, the lyrics of the work were finished by General Xiao Hua (who participated the Long March, profoundly understood the historical significance of the event), and composed by Chen Geng, Sheng Mao, Tang Ke, and Yu Qiu. The work was premiered on Army Day (August 1) in the same year, winning applause from all walks of life.

The composers chose ten of the 12 poetic lyrics by Xiao. Ten different scenes of fighting and life in the Long March were combined together in a chronological manner. Various folk music forms were integrated with traditional songs of the Red Army, harmoniously blending different tunes. Popular music elements and rich music conceptions were delicately weaved together, vividly demonstrating a magnificent panorama of the Long March. The heroic characteristics of the soldiers, the resplendent figure of the revolutionary troop helped to make the work a large-scale classic with a distinctive theme, rich content, novel form, and unique style.

This DVD contains a documentary of the musical Song Series of Long March.


1. Farewell
2. Breaking the Blockade
3. The Brilliance Coming out of the Zunyi Meeting -Geng Lianfeng; Yang Yiran
4. Crossing Chishui River Four Times - Ma Guoguang; Wang Bohua
5. Flying over the Dadu River
6. Climbing Snowy Mountains and Crossing Swamp Land
7. Arriving at Wuqi Town
8. Celebrating the Victory - Wang Kezheng
9. Announcing Good News - Ma Yutao
10. Linking Up all Forces

ISBN: 978-7-88054-202-7
ISRC: CN-A60-05-0071-0/V.J9


01 告别(混声合唱)
02 突破封锁线(二部合唱与轮唱)
03 遵义会议放光辉(女声二重唱,女声伴唱与混声合唱)
04 四渡赤水出奇兵(领唱与合唱)
05 飞越大渡河(混声合唱)
06 过雪山草地(男高音领唱与合唱)
07 到吴起镇(齐唱与二部合唱)
08 祝捷(领唱与合唱)
09 报喜(领唱与合唱)
10 大会师(混声合唱)

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