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Specific Hair Gainye Buy 1 Get 1 Free

  • de sheng yuan hair regrowth essence
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Product Description

Specific Hair Gainye
(De Sheng Yuan Hair Ergrowth Essence)
Type: Lotion for external application
Packing: 60ml / bottle
Manufactured by De Sheng Yuan, Hong Kong, China.

This is the herbal extract lotion for external application to improve hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Special Offer: Buy one get one free - limit 3.

Main ingredients: lucid ganoderma, ginseng, radices polygoni multiflori, angelica, gastrodia tuber, ginger, kuh-seng, alcohol, water.

Principles of formula: Modern scientific research has related hair loss of human to gene, but the direct cause of hair loss is that the scalp environment is destroyed by excessive high fat diet, cigarettes and alcohol, over-ironing and over-dying, chemical shampoos, high pressure, nervousness and sukra prameha caused by too frequent sexual intercourse. These factors may cause overmuch grease on scalp, blocking of hair follicles, lacking of blood supply, unbalance of nourishment and other serous scalp environment damages, which prevent hair from absorbing nourishment, stunt hair growth, cause hair loss and white hair. Therefore the idea of improving scalp environment is the revolutionary breakthrough of hair caring and loss preventing.

The formula stresses grease reduction and stasis-eliminating herbs: angelica, gastrodia tuber and ginseng for activating blood and nourishing hair; aged ginger for dispersing pathogenic wind, clearing the meridian channels, accelerating blood circulation, activating hair follicles, improving nourishment absorptive ability of skin tissue and dredging blocked hair follicles; lucid ganoderma, a traditionally "magic" medicine, to help hair protein form and provide microelements which is necessary to hair growth. The scientific formula with main and associate ingredients can thoroughly improve scalp environment, eliminate extra fat, activate blocked hair follicles, accelerate blood circulation, supply abundant nourishment and keep the hair growing well.

This Specific Hair Growth Lotion is carefully extracted from well-known 18 kinds of precious traditional medicinal materials with supercritical CO2 technology. It contains active herb factors for hair growth, which is natural with constant and evident effect and without any incretion or animal ingredient. It has the specific function of preventing and quickly controlling hair loss, reducing grease, nourishing and growing hair.

Application: Males and females suffering from seborrheic alopecia, poliosis, alopecia capitistotalis, alopecia areata and sparse hair.*

Usage: Drop or spring the lotion on the infected area of the scalp, or apply a tip of cotton soaked in 5-10ml the lotion and dab on scalp, twice a day.

After using this product for 15 days, the scalp will turn less oily and shed dandruff, which will disappear as new hair will grow when scalp environment is improved. Reduce dosage after new hair grows.

before treatmentafter two-month application after four-month application

hair back

Specific Hair Growth Lotion is successfully dispensed with 36-year constant test by Hong Kong DE SHENG YUAN Chinese Traditional Medicine Institute, that is an authority in treatment of alopecia. The first "improving scalp environment" treatment in the world is checked by relative national organizations and proved effective by clinical cases and is awarded Special Used Cosmetic Approval Certificate by Ministry of Public Health of China. The formula of this product is under first-grade state protection. It was assessed to be national intangible cultural heritage of China in 2007.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


德生源特效育发液由中国当代治秃中药名医世家的香港德生源传统中药研究中心依据人类脱发特点,经历36年反复试验提炼成功!全球首创了“改善头皮生 态”育发新疗法;经过中国国家相关检验以及医院病例验证,获得了中国卫生部特殊用途化妆品批准证书。德生源育发液精选采用18味名贵中药材,以超临界 CO2萃取精心提炼研制而成,萃取本草育发活性因子,成份天然,作用持久、效果显著不含任何激素以及动物成份。具有预防脱发、快速控止脱发、祛脂养发育发 美发之独特功效。


主要成份:灵芝 人参 何首乌 当归 天麻 生姜 苦参 酒精 水

配方原理:德生源特效育发液组方配药依据脱发原理,重用祛脂通瘀名药:以当归、天麻、人参养血润发,配合老姜祛风活血、通经活络、加速血液循环激活 毛囊,促进皮肤组织营养成份吸收以及废弃油脂的排泄,改善头皮生态;苦参可以清热化湿、祛除多余脂肪、通畅阻塞毛囊;灵芝为传统不老仙药,能促进毛发蛋白 质合成,提供毛发生长必须的微量元素。君臣佐使配伍运用,是头皮生态得以彻底改善,多余脂肪完全清除,阻塞毛囊得以激活,血液循环畅通加速,营养物质充足 保障,保证毛发正常健康生长。




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