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Stories Old and New by Feng Menglong I, II, III & IV

  • Stories Old and New
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Stories Old and New -Library of Chinese Classics Chinese-English
Compiled by Feng Menglong, translated into English by Shuhui Yang and Yunqin Yang
Published by Yuelu Publishing House, Hunan, 2007
Library binding book, dimensions 960 x 640, 1/16, 4 Volumes, 1832 pages
ISBN: 9787806658369

Stories Old and New, edited by Feng Menglong (1574-1646), the best-known compiler of anthologies of popular literature in the Ming dynasty, later known as Illustrious Words to Instruct the World, first published in 1620. Later Feng Menlong published Comprehensive Words to Warn the World and Constant Words to Awaken the World. These three collections of vernacular short stories (hua ben) are most referred to collectively as the San Yan (lit., Three Words) that represent the most important milestone in the development of the Chinese vernacular story.

The vernacular stories were told and retold to the grassroots' level at the teahouses and wayside gathering in the summer evenings by people's favorite storytellers. Master Feng Menglong gathered and edited them, and then had them published, that made them preserve to this day. Stories Old and New is considered the best of those three collections. This collection of 40 short stories provide for us such a vivid panoramic view of the bustling world of imperial China before the end of Ming: We can see a gallery of men and women - scholars and officials, emperors and ministers, peddlers and artisans, prostitutes and courtesans, match makers and fortunetellers, monks and nuns, rich merchants and servants, thieves and impostors, and even gods and ghosts, who find themselves involved in political intrigues, test of friendship, inheritance disputes, extramarital affaire and so on.

This bilingual edition is an unabridged version including Feng's interlinear notes and marginal comments. Shuhui Yang is professor of Chinese at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, USA. Yunqin Yang is a freelance simultaneous interpreter at the United Nations. Their English translation is very readable, concise and expertly done.

作者:(明)冯梦龙 著,杨曙辉 杨韵琴 英译
包装:精装全四册, 大16开,1832页






第一卷 蒋兴哥重会珍珠衫
第二卷 陈御史巧勘金钗钿
第三卷 新桥市韩五卖春情
第四卷 闲云庵阮三偿冤债
第五卷 穷马周遭际卖瑽媪
第六卷 葛令公生遣弄珠儿
第七卷 羊角哀舍命全交
第八卷 吴保安弃家赎友
第九卷 裴晋公义还原配
第十卷 滕大尹鬼断家私
第十一卷 赵伯摐茶肆遇仁宗
第十二卷 众名姬春风吊柳七
第十三卷 张道陵七试赵摐
第十四卷 陈希夷四辞朝命
第十五卷 史弘肇龙虎君臣会
第十六卷 范巨卿鸡黍死生交
第十七卷 单符郎全州佳偶
第十八卷 杨八老越国奇逢
第十九卷 杨谦之客舫遇侠僧
第二十卷 陈从善梅岭失浑家
第二十一卷 临安里钱婆留发迹
第二十二卷 木绵庵郑虎臣报冤
第二十三卷 张舜美灯宵得丽女
第二十四卷 杨思温燕山逢故人
第二十五卷 晏平仲二桃杀三士
第二十六卷 沈小官一鸟害七命
第二十七卷 金玉奴棒打薄情郎
第二十八卷 李秀卿义结黄贞女
第二十九卷 月明和尚度柳翠
第三十卷 明悟禅师赶五戒
第三十一卷 闹阴司司马貌断狱
第三十二卷 游酆都胡母迪吟诗
第三十三卷 张古老种瓜娶文女
第三十四卷 李公子救蛇获称心
第三十五卷 简帖僧巧骗皇甫妻
第三十六卷 宋四公大闹禁魂张
第三十七卷 梁武帝累修归极乐
第三十八卷 任孝子烈性为神
第三十九卷 汪信之一死救全家
第四十卷 沈小霞相会出师表

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