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abdominal distention  abdominal fat  abdominal fullness  abdominal obesity  abdominal pain  abdominal pain during pregnancy  abnormal menstruation  Abscess  abscesses  acariasis  aching limbs  acne  acropathy  Acupuncture and moxibustion  acupuncture chart  acupuncture charts  Acupuncture Courses  Acupuncture DVD  Acupuncture DVD Training  acupuncture exam  Acupuncture practice  acupuncture preactice  acupuncture studies  acupuncture study  Acupuncture Textbook  Acupuncture Therapy  acute and chronic appendicitis  acute and chronic bronchitis  acute and chronic gastritis  acute and chronic pharyngitis  acute annexitis  acute appendicitis  acute bronchitis  acute cellulitis  acute cholecystitis  Acute Colitis  acute conjunctivitis  acute dacryocystitis  acute diarrhea  acute enteritis  acute gastritis  Acute Gastroenteritis  acute hepatitis  acute icteric hepatitis  acute jaundice  acute lymphangitis  Acute Mania  acute mastitis  acute myocarditis  acute onset of chronic bronchitis  acute pelvic inflammation  Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease  acute pharyngitis  acute pneumonia  acute pyelonephritis  acute suppurative appendicitis  acute tonsillitis  Adenomyosis  adhesive capsulitis  adiposity  adnexitis  adolescent acne  aesthetics  agitation  AIDs  alcoholism  allergic purpura  Allergic Rhinitis  Allergy  alopecia  alopecia after childbirth  alopecia areata  Alzheimer disease  Alzheimer's disease  Amenorrhea  amnesia  Anachism  anal fissure  anal fistula  Analects  Anemia  anemia and vertigo  angina  angina pectoris  angina pectoris of coronary heat disease  angiocardiopathy  angioneurotic edema  angioneurotic headache  Animal Forms  animal painting  animated movies  ankle strain  ankylosing spondylitis  annexitis  Annextis  anovulation  ant powder  Anti Aging  anti depression  anti fatigue  anti oxidant  antioxidant  antioxidants  antiphlogosis  anxiety  aphasia  apoplexy  appendicitis  arrhythmia  arteriosclerosis  arthralgia  arthritis  arthropathy  Ascariasis of the gallbladder  ascaris in the biliary tract  ascites from cirrhosis  asthenia  asthma  asthma in children  athletes foot  atrial premature  atrophic gastritis  Atypical hyperplasia  atypical virus flu  Audio Pen  aural vertigo  azoospermia  azotemia  bacteria infection  bacterial corneal ulcer  bacterial dysentery  bad breath  Baguazhang  balance hormone  baldness  beauty  beauty maintenance  Beijing  Beijing Peking Opera Theatre  Beijing People's Art Theatre  belly fat  beriberi  billiary calculi  Bipolar disorder  black speckle  bladder infection  bladder stones  blood circulation  blood disorders  blood loss  blood problem  blood stasis  blood stasis after parturition  blood vessels discorders  bloody leukorrhea  blurred vision  boil  boils  boils and abscesses  bone tuberculosis  Book of Changes  brandy nose  breast cancer  breast cysts  broadsword  bronchial asthma  Bronchial Pneumonia  bronchiectasic hemoptysis  Bronchiolitis  bronchitis  bruise  bruises  bubo  Buddhist meditation  burn  Butterfly Lovers  Butterly Lovers  CAD  Caidiao  Calcaneodynia  cancer  canker sores  Cannon Fist  Cantonese  Carbuncle  carbuncles  carcinoma of esophagus  card management software  Card Scanner  card scanning software  cardiac disorder  cardiac edema  Cardiac Failure  cardiac neurosis  cardiogenic glomerulonephritis  Cardiomyopathy  cardiopathy  cardiovascular disease  cardiovascular problem  cardiovasculariasis  case study  cataract  catarrhal conjunctivitis  CCTV Learn Chinese  CCTV series  cellulitis  central choroido-retinitis  central choroidoretinitis  Cerebral Arteriosclerosis  cerebral concussion  cerebral embolism  cerebral hemorrhage  cerebral infarction  cerebral palsy  cerebral thrombosis  cerebrovascular disease  cerebrovasculariasis  cervical spondylopathy  cervical spondylosis  cervicitis  Chairman Mao  Chang Xiangyu  chemical dependency  chemotherapy  Chen Qigang  Chen Style  Cheng School  Cheng Yanqiu  chest contusion  chest pain  chicken pox  chilblain  Child rickets  Chinese art  Chinese artist  Chinese as second language  Chinese brush artwork  Chinese Buddhism  Chinese Buddhist monk  Chinese calligraphy  Chinese calligraphy master  Chinese calligraphy video tutorial  Chinese cartoonist  Chinese character  Chinese characters  Chinese civil war  Chinese classical movie  Chinese classics  Chinese conversation  Chinese cooking  Chinese cuisine  Chinese culture  Chinese dialogue  Chinese dictionary  Chinese dramas  Chinese English  Chinese English Dictionary  Chinese English Subtitles  Chinese English Translation  Chinese fonts  Chinese garden  Chinese grammar  Chinese herbology  Chinese history  Chinese idioms  Chinese input  Chinese Japanese Subtitles  Chinese language  Chinese language courses  Chinese language pinyin  Chinese language software  Chinese language teaching  Chinese language writing  Chinese literature  Chinese massage techniques  Chinese medical books  Chinese medicated diet  Chinese medicine books  Chinese medicine DVD  Chinese medicine textbook  Chinese musician  Chinese mythology  Chinese OCR  Chinese opera  Chinese painting  Chinese painting master  Chinese painting video tutorial  Chinese palmistry  Chinese patent medicines  Chinese philosophy  Chinese pinyin  Chinese play  Chinese poem in Chinese  Chinese poetry  Chinese reading practice  Chinese recipes  Chinese sages  Chinese scenery  Chinese seals  Chinese software  Chinese song  Chinese songs  Chinese tea  Chinese tea culture  Chinese vocabulary  Chinese writers  Chinese Yoga  Chinese zodiac  chiropractic  chloasma  cholangitis  cholecystitis  cholelithiasis  chondromalacia  choroiditis  Chou characters  Chronic Abscesses  chronic arthritis  chronic asthma  chronic bronchitis  chronic colitis  chronic consumption  chronic cough  chronic dermatosis  chronic diarrhea  chronic eczema  chronic enteritis  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  chronic gastitis  chronic gastritis  chronic gastroenteritis  chronic glaucoma  chronic glomerulonephritis  chronic hepatitis  chronic laryngopharyngitis  chronic nephritis  chronic obstructive emphysema  chronic pelvic inflammation  Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease  chronic pharyngitis  chronic prostatitis  chronic renal failure  Chronic Rhinitis  chronic superficial gastritis  chronic tonsillitis  chronic urinary infection  chyluria  cirrhosis  classical ballet  classical Chinese  classical Chinese music  classical Chinese painting  classical Chinese poetry  classical drama  Classical Drama films  classical formulas  classical music  classical novel  Classics of Chinese medicine  clerical script  climacteric  Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine  clinical research on acupuncture  cold  cold and flu  cold and flu. acute tonsillitis  cold damp arthralgia  cold heat arthralgia  cold injury  colon cancer  colpitis  coma  comedy  comminist party  common cold  common cold of wind-cold type  common cold of wind-heat type  communicative Chinese  Communist Party  Communist Party People's Liberation Army People's Republic of China  Competition Form  computer syndrome  Computer Vision Syndromes  Confucianism  congestion of eyes  congestive heart failure  conjunctivitis  connective tissue disease  constipation  consumption  consumptive disease  contusion  convulsion  Convulsions  cordyceps  Corneal Ulcers  coronary arteries  coronary heart disease  coronary heart disease (CHD)  coronary heat disease  coronavirus  cosmetic acupuncture  cosmetic therapy  costal chondritis  cough  cough with profuse sputum  cramps in the calf muscles  cramps in the hands  crobatic dance  cupping therapy  cursive script  Cutaneous pruritus  cystitis  Da Hong Quan  damaged liver cells  Dan  dandruff  Dandruff Flakes  Dao De Jing  dark urine  deafness  debility  declination of kidney  defaecation  degenerative arthritis  Delirious Speech  delivery  dementia  depression  dermatitis  dermatologic disorder  dermatophytosis  detoxication  detoxification  diabetes  diagnosis  diapophysis  diarrhea  dieters tea  digestion  digestive disease  digestive system inflammation  dim eyesight  Diphtheria  discharge  diuresis  dizziness  dizzness  Drama Theatre of Shanxi Province  dramatis  Dream of Red Mansions  dribbling urination  drops  drug addiction  dry eyes  dry hair  dry skin  dymenorrhoea  dysentery  dysfunction of digestive tract  dysfunction of the digestive system  dysfunctional uterine bleeding  Dysmenorrhea  dysmenorrhoea  dyspepsia  dysphoria  dyspnea  Eagle Claw  ear acupucture  ear acupuncture  ear massage  ear ringing  Early Stage Dysentery  Early Stage Measles  ecthyma  eczema  edema  edema from pregnancy  Eight model plays  Eight-section Brocade Exercise  Eight-sectiona Brocade excercise  Elevated transaminases  emaciation  Emei Kung Fu  Emission  Emperor  emphysema  encephalitis B  endocrine disorders  endocrine metabolic disease  endometriosis  Endometritis  endorine metabolic disease  English  English Chinese dictionary  English Chinese Medical Dictionary  English translation  enteritis  Enuresis  epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis  epidemic conjunctivitis  epidemic encephalitis B  epidemic hemorrhagic fever  Epididymitis  epigastric disension  epilepsy  Epiphora  erectile dysfunction  ersipelas  erythema lupus  esophagismus  Eternal Palace  excellent arias of Peking Opera  excessive acid in stomach  excessive fat  excessive sexual activity  external analgesic  external therapy  extremity arteriospasm  exudative senile macular degeneration  eye  eye disease  face changing  facial boil  Facial make-ups of Chuanju  facial paralysis  Famous Quotes and Aphorisms  fat metabolism  fat metabolism disorders  fatigue  fatty liver  faucitis  female health  female infertility  female ovary  fever  figure painting  fish insects painting  fitness  Five Element Forms  flaccidity syndrome  fleck  fleshy goiter  flower bird painting  Flowers in the Mirror  flu  folk dance  folk music  Folk Songs Festival in Guangxi  food stagnation  food therapy  foot acupuncture  foul smelling vaginal discharge  Four Books  Four Dreams  Four Great Classical Novels  Four Great Yuan Playwrights  Fracture  Free Fighting  freehand painting  freehand technique  French language  Frequency of micturition  frigidity  frozen shoulder  Fu Quanxiang  functional fever  fungal infections  Furuncle  furuncle of external auditory canal  furuncles  galactophore hyperplasia  gall bladder stone  gastoduodenal ulcer  gastralgia  Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer  gastric carcinoma  gastric neurosis  gastric ulcer  gastritis  gastro-duodenal ulcer  gastrodia  gastroduodenal ulcer  gastroduodenal ulcer bleeding  gastroenteritis  gastroenterits  gastrointestinal disorders  gastrointestinal infection  gastrointestinal neurosis  gastroptosis  general alopecia  general debility  Genital Herpes  genitalia inflammation  German language  ginger tea  gingivitis  ginseng  glaucoma  globus hystericus  glomerulonephritis  glycosuria  goiter  Gold Award of China Peking Opera Art Festival  gonorrhea  gout  gouty arthritis  Grammar  greasy hair  green tea  Guan Dongtian  Guangxi Folk Songs  Guiju Opera  habitual miscarriage  haematuria  hair loss  Halitosis  hand acupuncture  hand massage  Hand therapy  handwriting device  handwriting input  hangover  hard lumps  head acupuncture  head massage  headache  headaches  health preservation  healthcare  hearing loss  heart  heart asthenia  Heart attack  heart disease  heart stroke  heat stroke  heavy head  heliosis  hematemesis  hematochezia  hematoma  hemicrania  hemiparalysis  hemiplegia  hemoptysis  hemorrhage  hemorrhoid  hepatitis  hepatitis B  hepatitis C  hepatocirrhosis  hepatomegly  herbal formulas  herbal shampoo  hernia  hernial disorder  herniated disk  herpes simplex  herpes simplex keratitis  hiccup  high blood pressure  high blood sugar  high blood suger  high cholesterol  high LDL  high triglycerides  history of science and technology  hoarse voice  holism  Holographic Therapy  Hong Kong foot  hook sword  hordeolum  HSK Characters  HSK Practice  HSK Practice Questions  HSK Preparation Book  HSK Training  HSK Vocabulary  Hu Mei  Hua Mulan  Huaijiao Wan for Hemorrhoids  hydrocele testis  hydrocephalus  Hypercholesterolemia  hyperlipemia  hyperlipidemia  hyperlipoidemia  hyperosteogeny  hyperplasia of lobule of mammary gland  hyperplasia of mammary glands  hyperplastic arthritis  hypertension  Hypertensive nephropathy  hyperthyroidism  hypertrophy  hypoacusis  hypoadrenocorticism  hypochondriac pain  hypochondrium  hypochromatic dermal disease  hypogenesis  hypoplasia  hypotension  hypothyroidism  hysteria  hysteromyoma  immune system  impedient  impotence  indigestion  infant diarrhea  infantile anorexia  infantile convulsion  infantile diarrhea  infantile dyspepsia  infantile furuncle  infantile indigestion  infantile malnutrition  infantile night cry  infantile night perspiration  infantile urinary infection  infection of the bile duct  infection of upper respiratory tract  infection of urinary system  infectious mononucleosis  infertility  inflammation  influenza  insomnia  Interactive Chinese  intercostal neuralgia  internal carbuncles  internal injury  intestinal abscess  Intestinal Flu  intestinal metaplasia  Intestinal Obstruction  intestinal tuberculosis  intestine dryness  intractable migraine  involutional melancholia  irregular blood pressure  irregular menstruaction  Irregular Menstruation  Irritability  Italian language  itching  itchy scalp  itchy skin  Jade Hairpin  Japanese input  Japanese language  jaudice  jaundice  Jiangjie  Jin Cai Feng  Jing  joint pain  Journey to the West  Kidney stones  knee arthritis  knee arthritits  Knee joint diseases  Knife  Korean Input  Korean language  Korean War  Kunqu Opera Classics  landscape painting  laodan  Laozi  large intestinal carcinoma combined with intestinal obstruction  Laryngitis  laryngopharyngitis  laryngopharyntitis  lassitude  late stage infantile measles  learn Chinese calligraphy  learn Chinese painting  learn English  Legalism  Legend of the White Snake  lentigo  Leukopenia  leukorrhagia  leukorrhea  Liaoning Ballet Troupe  Liaoning People's Art Theater  libido  Library of Chinese Classics  Ling Zhi  Lipofuscin  lipomas  lipsotrichia  literary criticism  liver cancer  liver cirrhosis  liver depression  liver disease  Liver fibrosis  liver gallbladder heat and dampness  liver gallbladder heat dampness  liver stress  Lobar Pneumonia  locate acupuncture points  long-standing blood stasis  longevity  loose stool  loss of hair  love story  low back pain  low back strain  lower limb ulcers  lumbago  lumbar disc protrusion  Lumbar Intervertebral Disk Herniation  lumbar muscle strain  lumbar myalgia  lumbar sprain  lumbar strain  lung abscess  lung atrophy  lung cancer  lung heat  lung inflammation  lung syndrome  lupus  lupus erythematonsus  lymphadenitis  Lymphatic Drainage Massage  Macular Degeneration  maintain beauty  Malaria  maldevelopment of the uterus  male impotence  male infertility  male menopause  malnutrition  Mandarin Chinese  Mania  maps  Martial Arts  masage therapy  massage  massage cream  massage oil  massage theraphy  massage therapy  Massage training DVD  massotherapy  MCTD  measles  medicinal herbs and their uses  medicine cuisine  Mei Lanfang Classics  melasma  Mencius  Meniere's disease  Menieres syndrome  Menopausal disorders  menopausal edema  Menopause  menopause disorder  menopause symptoms  menorrhagia  menstrual disorder  menstrual disorders  Menstruation Disorders  mental disorder  mental disorders  mental distress  mental fatigue  meridian obstruction  metabolic disorders  metabolism disorders  metal fatigue  meteor hammer  meticulous brush technique  metostaxis  metrorrhagia  metrorrhagia and metrostaxis  metrostaxis  microcurrent system  Microcurrent therapy  migraine  migratory hepatitis  military strategy  military tactics  Minju  miscarriage  Modern Beijing Opera  modern Chinese  modern drama  modern musical  Mohism  monk's spade  Monkey King  morning sinckness  mosquito and insect bites  Mouth ulcer  mucous congestion  mumps  muscle contracture  muscle soreness  muscle spasms  muscular spasm  mushroom extract  myalgia  Myasthenia Gravis  myocarditis  myodystrophy  mythical literature  Nanquan  nape muscle strain  Nape Muscular Fasciae Inflammation  naprapathy  nasal allergy  nasosinusitis  National Ballet of China  National Peking Opera Theater  natural beauty and historical relics  nausea  Needle-free Acupuncture  Nephritis  nephrogenic edema  nerosism  nervous headache  neural headache  neuralgia  neurasthenia  neurasthenic  neurasthenic and chronic bronchitis  neurosis  neurosism  neurotic vertigo  neurotic vomiting  new frame  nicotine addiction  night sweating  night sweats  nightmare  no appetite  nocturia  nocturnal emission  Nocturnal Enuresis  nodules of breast  nose  novel virus flu  numbness  numbness of extemities  numbness of limbs  obesity  obstruction of retinal artery  ocular proptosis  oculopathy  Odontitis  Odontobothritis  Odontorrhagia  oil painting  old frame  oligminorrhea  Olympic Games Opening Ceremony  operation  optic atrophy  optic neuritis  oral ulcer  Orphan of Zhang Family  orthopedic and traumatic diseases  Orthopedics  osteoarthritis  osteoarthrosis  osteoarthrosis of a knee joint  osteodynia  Osteomalacia  osteoporosis  Outlaws of the Marsh  ovarian cyst  ovarian cysts  overweight  ovulation dysfunction  PADAM  pain relief  painful fibroids  Palpitation  pantalgia  paralysis  Parkinson's Disease  parotid adenomas  parotitis  pearl powder  Peking opera  Peking Opera Classics  Pelvic inflammation  Peony Pavilion  People's Liberation Army  People's Republic of China  peptic ulcer  periarthritis  Periarthritis Humeroscapularis  perimenopausal syndrome  periodontitis  peripheral palsy  peritonsillar abscess  Pernicious Anemia  Pertussis  pharyngitis  phlebitis  pigmentary degeneration of retina  pigmentation  pimple  pleuritis  PMS  pneumonia  Pneumonitis from Measles  Poems of Mao Zedong  poet  poetry in Chinese  poliomyelitis  poliomyelitis sequel  polydipsia  polyphagia  polyuria  poor appetite  poor digestion  poor vision  pop music  postpartum abdominal pain  postpartum bleeding  postpartum blood stasis  postpartum hemorrhage  postpartum infection  PowerWord  pox and scar  practical Chinese medicine  Praying Mantis Boxing  precordial and epigastric pain  premature aging  premature atrial contractions  premature ejaculation  premature gray hair  premature graying  premature graying hair  premenstrual headache  premenstrual tension  prescriptions  prevent radiation  primary dysmenorrhea  primary sterility  prolapse of the rectum  prolapsed disk  prolong life  prospermia  prostate hyperplasia  prostate hypertrophy  prostatitis  protein deficiency edema  pruritus  pruritus of female pudendum  psoriasis  pu cunxin  pulmonary disease  Pulmonary Emphysema  pulmonary heart disease  pulmonary tuberculosis  puppet show  Purulent abscess  pushing hands  pyelo-nephritis  pyelonephritis  Pyorrhoea  Pyorrhoea and infections after Odontoptosis  pyosepticemia  Qi Tonic  Qiangshu  Qigong massage  qigong therapy  Qing Dynasty  radiotherapy  Real Paper Emulated Test  Rectum and Uterus Prolapse  Recurrent Miscarriage  Red Army  red classics  Red Crags  Red River Valley  regular script  rehabilitation  rehabilitation after operation  Rehabilitation Medicine  reishi  relapse of old trauma  relativism  renal failure  renal tuberculosis  Repertoire of Kunqu  repertoire of Peking opera  repertoire of Shaoxing Opera  respiratory tract inflammation  respiratory viral infection  restless fetus disorder  restlessness  Retained placenta  retention of blood mass after abortion  Retention of Lochia  retention of lochia after delivery  Retention of Placenta  retinal vein obstruction  retinitis  retrobulbar neuritis  rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis  rheumatic arthritis  rheumatic heart disease  rheumatic paralysis  rheumatic sciatica  rheumatism  rheumatoid arthritis  rhinitis  ringworm  Romance of the West Chamber  romantic plays  royal jelly  running script  ruptured disk  Russian language  Saber  sallow complexion  scabies  scalp acupuncture  scanty menstruation  scapulohumeral periarthritis  schizophrenia  School of Diplomacy  sciatica  sclerodermia  scrape therapy  scrofula  seal carving  seal cutting  seal cutting artist  seal script  sebaceous cysts  seborrheic alopecia  seborrheic alopecia  secondary sterility  seminal emission  senile debility  senile pulmonary emphysema  senilism  senility  Sensorineural hearing loss  septicemia  sequelae of apoplexy  Seven Military Classics  severe palpitation  sexual dysfunction  sexual frigidity  sexual function  sexual hypofunction  sexual instimulants  sexual neurosis  sexual pain disorder  sexual stimulant  Sexual stimulants  sexuality  shadowgraph  Shang Changrong  Shang Yang  Shanghai Animation Film Studio  Shanghai Dance Academy  Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre  Shanghai Film  Shanghai Film Studio  Shanghai Kunqu Opera Toupe  Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe  Shanghai Yueju Opera House  Shaolin external Qigong  Shaolin Internal Qigong  Shaolin Kung Fu  Shaolin six harmony exercises  Shaolin Temple  shaoxing opera  Shen Tiemei  Sheng  shortness of breath and chest pain  shou wu  shou wu chih  Sichuan Opera troupe  simple obesity  Simplified Chinese characters  simplified taiji quan  sinus infection  sinusitis  sitting exercise  Six harmonies fist  skeptical  skin care  skin disorder  skin dryness  SLE  slim physique  slimming tea  slow-healing sores and ulcers  small breast  small uterus  smoking cessation  smoking; HIV infections  sniffling and sneezing  song dandan  sore throat  soreness and weakness of the waist and knee  soreness of limbs  soreness of the waist and knee  soreness of waist  soreness of waist and knees  soreness of weist and knees  sound-perceiving deafness  Spanish language  speak Chinese  spear  spermacrasia  spermatorrhea  spermatorrhoea  spontaneous perspiration  spontaneous pneumothorax  sports injury  sprain  sprained ankle  sprains  stagnancy of gas  stamina  standing pole  sterility  stick  stiff neck  stomach flu  stomachache  stomache  stomatitis  stomatocace  stone carving artist  stone inscription  strain of ankle joint  strain of lumbar muscles  Strange Tales from the Liaozhai Studio  stranguria  Strangury  strep throat  stress  stress and anxiety  stress relief  Stroke  stubborn phlegm  subcutaneous nodule  Subcutaneous Ulcer  sunburn  Sunzi  supernatural tales  Suppurative Infections  surgery  Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre  swelling and pain  swollen joints  Swordsmanship  swordsmanship 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