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Wildlife tigers may vanish in 20 years
The last remaining Siberian tigers living wild in Northeast China could disappear within decades, as poaching and illegal logging continue to take their toll, experts have warned.

Interview: Emissions cut deal seen as encouraging in most affected countries
4(Xinhua)--Developed countries should set their carbon emission reduction targets and increase their investments in climate change mitigation projects like renewable energy generation in developing countries to ease effects of global warming,environmental activists and people involved in mitigation projects have said d.

Paddy papa going strong
Yuan Longping's dream is to have a new hybrid rice that will yield at least 15 tons of grain per hectare, and he is already halfway there.

Kindle Fire heads for second place in tablet market
Only two weeks after its shipment, Amazon's Kindle Fire has already shown the momentum to grab the second place in global tablet computer market.

U.S. approves Google's 400 mln dollar acquisition of Admeld
The U.S. Justice Department Friday approved Google's 400 million dollar acquisition of Admeld, a company that provides an online advertising platform for publishers.

One in 10 U.S. mobile phone users having an iPhone: survey
About one in 10 mobile phone subscribers in the United States is now using an Apple iPhone, said a new survey released on Friday.

China launches 10th satellite for independent satellite navigation
China successfully launched into space 10th orbiter for its independent satellite navigation and positioning network known as Beidou, or Compass System.

U.S. federal gov't requires Facebook to respect users' privacy
The U.S. federal government requires Facebook to respect its users' privacy and solve related issues, according to media reports on Wednesday.

China's newly-designed scientific research vessel sets sail
China's newly-designed scientific research ship, the Kexue, or Science, launched on Wednesday in waters off central Hubei province.

HP refutes printer security flaw claims
Hewlett-Packard (HP) on Tuesday issued a statement to refute some security flaw claims on its LaserJet printers.

Amazon reports record sales of Kindle products on Black Friday
Amazon.com on Monday announced that this past Black Friday was the best ever for its Kindle products with consumers buying four times as many as they did last year.

4 suspected AT&T hackers linked to terrorist group
The U.S. FBI and police in the Philippines have arrested four alleged hackers in Manila with connections to a terrorist group in Saudi Arabia, according to media reports Monday.

Shanghai unveils official microblog to serve the public
The Shanghai municipal government Monday launched the microblog "Shanghai City" on China's popular Twitter-like microblogging service Weibo.com.

Samsung Electronics launches Galaxy Note in S Korea
Samsung Electronics, the world's second-largest manufacturer of mobile phones, said Monday that it launched its latest smart mobile gadget Galaxy Note in S Korea in a bid to take the lead in a new phase of the mobile phone market.

NASA launches Mars Science Laboratory "Curiosity"
NASA has launched its Mars Science Laboratory, called "Curiosity". The laboratory left the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida on an Atlas 5 rocket at about 10a.m. local time.

Nuclear-powered U.S. rover launched to scout for Mars' habitability
A nuclear-powered U.S. rover lifted off on Saturday morning to help assess Mars' habitability, or whether the Red Planet is or ever was an environment able to support life.

NASA launches "curiosity" rover to Mars
The unmanned Atlas 5 rocket blasted off from in Florida on Saturday, launching a nuclear-powered NASA rover toward the Mars to look for life habitats there.

Russia launches rocket with Chinese satellite
Russia's Proton-M carrier rocket was launched on Friday from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan with a Chinese communications satellite "AsiaSat-7".

Study shows climate sensitivity to CO2 less than extreme projections
A new study suggests that the rate of global warming from doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide may be less than the most dire estimates of some previous studies.

Nokia Siemens Networks to cut 17,000 jobs
Nokia Siemens Networks is planning to cut its workforce by 17,000 worldwide by the end of 2013, the company said in a statement on Wednesday in Espoo, Finland.

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