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The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor

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Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor
Translated into English by Ming Zhu
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
Hardcover book, 302 pages
Published: 2001
Dimensions: 8.5" by 10.5"
ISBN: 711902664X
Including: Appendix

As the oldest extant classic of traditional Chinese medicine, its first word-for-word translation from Chinese to English is published by Beijing Foreign Languages Press.

Compiled roughly two thousand years ago, this great work forms the theoretical basis of TCM. As TCM's history developed over the millennia, nearly all significant medical works benefited from the enlightenment of this unparalleled book. Covering not only medicine but also philosophy, sociology, anthropology, military strategy, mathematics, astronomy, meteorology, ecology, The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor demonstrates that even in ancient times, people accomplished scientific achievements that are applicable, relevant, and innovative even in modern times. The world-famous medical masters and saints in the history of TCM such as Zhang Zhongjing, Hua Tuo, Sun Simiao and Li Shizhen, who lived hundreds to thousands years ago, are greatly enlightened by the academic thoughts of The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor. All of them researched into this great book deeply and mastered the essence of this book and thus became the most famous practitioners of TCM in Chinese history. Therefore, more and more western scholars from all realms are attracted to research into this glorious work.

The Chinese original of this English translation is the currently universal textbook of TCM universities and colleges in China. Extracting the essence of The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, this well-edited English version is rendered in word-for-word pattern for the purpose of offering a perfect access to the Chinese sources. It is exciting to provide, through this faithful translation, an opportunity to more easily understand Chinese thought for foreign friends with an interest in TCM or Chinese culture.

The translator is Dr. Zhu Ming. Born at Huaihua of Hunan province, China in 1968, he graduated from Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1991 and has been clinically practicing TCM ever since. His clinical focus is on the treatment of difficult and chronic diseases, influenced by my father's long clinical experience. Working assiduously for eight years, he has successfully translated The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor into English.

The author chose the authoritative and consummate Chinese textbook version of The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, edited by a Committee of the Ministry of Public Health of the PRC in 1982, with Cheng Shide of Beijing TCM College as chief editor, as the source work for his translation into English. The book is structured to present the translations of an original article or section of dialogue, followed by annotations and commentaries.

For example, the original article says, "Open the ghost gate and cleanse the clear fu-organ," while the annotation which follows says, "Diaphoresis and diuresis." The reason for the significant difference is that the latter presents a readily recognizable gloss in Western medical terminology, while the former presents a literal translation of the original text that is closer to the expression accepted by practitioners of TCM in China, and comes closer to reflecting the real meaning in the context of TCM conceptualization.

The style of translation is literal and verbatim, a choice made by the translator in order to avoid where possible the pitfalls of narrowly specialized experts who might thus inadvertently alter the transmission of information.

Overall, the text is arranged with an introduction and overview, and eight chapters covering the theory of yin-yang and the five elements, the zang-organs and manifestations, the theory of channels and network-channels, theory of pathogens and pathomechanisms, diseases and symptoms, diagnostic methods, therapeutic principles and methods, and the theory of health preservation.

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