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Waterside Story (43 Episodes of TV Series) DVD

  • outlaws of the marsh
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Shui Hu Zhuan
(Waterside Story, also known as Outlaws of the Marsh, the Water Margin)
43 television serials, directed by Zhang Shaolin
Starred by Li Xuejian, Ye Mang, Zang Jinsheng, Ding Haifeng
Produced by CCTV, 1997
Product Info: 43 episodes in 2 DVD-9 discs in one box, 2007 production
Sound tracks: Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese and Japanese
Picture: Color, MPEG-2
Region code: All

The 43-part TV serial, Outlaws of the Marsh, adapted from the Chinese classic with the same name aired on CCTV's prime channel during prime time in late 1997. This well-known literary work overnight became the hot topic of people's conversation all over the country. Both praise and criticism made the headlines in all kinds of media.

Outlaws on the Marsh is set between the years 1101 and 1125 when Emperor Song Hui Zong is in power of the Song Dynasty. He is muddleheaded and the government is actually controlled by some corrupted and flattering officials. The classic tells why and how 108 men and women banded together on a mountain surrounded by marshes in what today is Shandong Province. The classic has been noted for its vivid portrayal of a large cast of humble characters who had fallen from the upper class during internal struggles. A tragic debacle forced them to join hands and rebel against local despots and troops of a corrupt imperial government. It places Song Jiang and his bandits in the Taihang Mountains. He and his followers rub the rich and help the poor and soon a lot of poor peasants turn to him. They foil many government suppressions and encirclements and win good reputation among the peasants and terrify the government soldiers. After a few years of hard fights, there gather 108 heroes around Song Jiang. Each of them has his unique characters. Some are wise and brave while others are loyal, tough and righteous. They uphold justice and cherish filial piety. They are a host of heroes that represent the ideal and dream of creating a happy and peaceful world by taking the risk of their lives.

The TV serial was filmed in 23 cities in 13 provinces in China, staged with Song Dynasty's architecture. The most well-known stories and characters were pictured, including "Yang Zhi selling his sword", "Stealing the birthday present", "Song Jiang kills his slave girl", "Fighting Fang La" etc.

List of Episodes

  1.  Gao Qiu's rise to power
  2.  Beating up the Lord of the West
  3.  Creating an uproar on Mount Wutai
  4.  Uprooting a willow tree
  5.  White Tiger Hall
  6.  Wild Boars Forest
  7.  Snow and wind at the Temple of the Mountain Deity
  8.  Lin Chong becomes an outlaw
  9.  Yang Zhi sells his saber
  10.  Gathering of the Seven Stars
  11.  Robbing the convoy of birthday gifts
  12.  Releasing Heavenly King Chao secretly
  13.  Killing Wang Lun
  14.  Song Jiang kills Yan Poxi
  15.  Jingyang Ridge
  16.  Reunion of the brothers
  17.  Granny Wang brews romantic feelings
  18.  Wu Dalang catches the adulterous pair
  19.  Lion Tower
  20.  Beating up Jiang-the-Doorgod in a drunken state
  21.  Bloodbath at Mandarin Ducks Tower
  22.  Qingfeng Fort
  23.  Exile to Jiangzhou
  24.  Writing a poem about rebellion at Xunyang Tower
  25.  Creating an uproar in Jiangzhou
  26.  Li Kui carries his mother
  27.  Zhu Family Village (part one)
  28.  Zhu Family Village (part two)
  29.  Breaking the chain-linked armored cavalry formation
  30.  Zeng Family Fortress
  31.  Lu Junyi joins Liangshan
  32.  The Grand Assembly
  33.  Creating an uproar in Dongjing
  34.  Yan Qing's Leitai match
  35.  Li Kui becomes a magistrate
  36.  Stealing the wine and tearing the imperial order
  37.  Defeating Grand Marshal Gao
  38.  Amnesty
  39.  Blood spill at Chenqiao Courier Station
  40.  Campaign against Fang La
  41.  Yongjin Gate
  42.  Bloodbath at Black Dragon Ridge
  43.  Death of Song Jiang

中国古典名著电视连续剧 水浒传DVD珍藏版
片装:2 片(DVD-9)





制作:中国中央电视台总公司, 1997
导 演:张绍林
主要演员:李雪健 野芒 臧金生 丁海峰 等

第一集 高俅发迹
第二集 拳打镇关西
第三集 大闹五台山
第四集 倒拔垂杨柳
第五集 白虎节堂
第六集 野猪林
第七集 风雪山神庙
第八集 林冲落草
第九集 杨志卖刀
第十集 七星聚义
第 十一 集 智取生辰纲
第 十二 集 私放晁天王
第 十三 集 火并王伦
第 十四 集 宋江杀惜
第 十五 集 景阳岗
第 十六 集 兄弟重逢
第 十七 集 王婆弄风情
第 十八 集 武大郎捉奸
第 十九 集 狮子楼
第 二十 集 醉打蒋门神
第二十一集 血溅鸳鸯楼
第二十二集 清风寨
第二十三集 发配江州
第二十四集 浔阳楼题反诗
第二十五集 闹江州
第二十六集 李逵背母
第二十七集 祝家庄(上)
第二十八集 祝家庄(下)
第二十九集 大破连环马
第 三十 集 曾头市
第三十一集 卢俊义上山
第三十二集 英雄排座次
第三十三集 元夜闹东京
第三十四集 燕青打擂
第三十五集 李逵坐堂
第三十六集 偷酒扯诏
第三十七集 大败高太尉
第三十八集 招安
第三十九集 血洒陈桥驿
第四十集 征方腊
第四十一集 魂系涌金门
第四十二集 血染乌龙岭
第四十三集 宋江之死

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