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Xiaohuatuo Microcomputer Therapy Apparatus Model YC-8.1C

  • microcomputer therapy apparatus
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Product Description

Xiaohuatuo Microcomputer Therapy Apparatus Model YC-8.1C

A pocket machine with a lot of digitalized effective prescriptions applies low frequency electrical stimulation to do acupuncture needle free. With this model, you can use its therapeutic methods by yourself or for your clients: acupuncture, massage, foot sole acupuncture, auricle acupuncture, acupuncture point magnetic therapy, ear-clamp acupuncture, etc. Package contains one main device, output line and input line, 2 conductive acupuncture electrodes, 4 conductive pasterns, 1 pair of foot acupuncture cushions, a pair of ear acupuncture nips, direction books.

Technical Specifications

    • Model No.: YC-8.1C
    • Working wavelength: Low frequency double pulse wave length.
    • Frequency range: 0-300HZ
    • Power adjustment: Start from 0, gradually increase.
    • Power source : 2 AA batteries (batteries are not included).
    • Timer: 10 minutes, 20 minutes.
    • Therapy methods: "Acupuncture", "Massage", "Feet Therapy", "Ear-acupoint Therapy".
    • Power consumption: Two AA batteries should last approximately one month using "Massage" method three times a day, 10 minutes each time.


Method indicator


  • One year warranty. This warranty does not cover items broken or damaged by improper handling or use. This product is a patent. Private breaking apart and repair are forbidden.
  • Manufacturer: Guangdong Yangcheng Electronic Instruments Factory
Complete English User Manual and Chinese User Manual
  • List of Acupuncture Points and Methods for Some Common Disorders: Symptoms, Acupuncture Points, Therapy Methods and Time
  • Diagrams of Acupuncture Points and Methods for Some Common Disorders
  • Feet Therapy: Schematic Diagram of the Reflexive Zones of Feet, Names, Locations and Indications of Acupoints
  • Auricular Acupoints Therapy: Schematic Diagram of Distribution of Auricular Points, Locations, Functions and Indications of Acupoints in the Ears, Clinic Application

Product YC-81C    Xiaohuatuo YC-81C

Xiaohuatuo Microcomputer Therapy Apparatus

Xiaohuatuo microcomputer therapy apparatus is a computerized acupuncture and massage device. It is the latest high-tech product which combines traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, massage therapy and computer technology. Acupuncture and massage therapy are originally derived from ancient Chinese meridian theory. The essential function of the meridian system is to transport "Qi and blood", "to maintain conductivity" and "to resist invasion of exogenous pathogenic factors." There are fourteen meridian channels which distribute through the body with specific acupuncture points located in these channels.

By choosing the acupuncture or massage mode of therapy, it can simulate the acupuncture and massage treatment usually performed by experienced Chinese Medical Practitioners.

Simply applying the self-adhesive-pads to acupuncture point, or a reflection area for certain organs, the microcomputer therapy apparatus gives you the same effect of Chinese acupuncture and massage therapy. Therefore it regulates the physiological activity of the meridian channels and collateral, by balancing the "Yin and Yang", adjusting the "Qi and blood" and preventing pathological changes. It provides effective treatment and prevention of commonly encountered disorders.

yc-81c    foot  Ear  back  leg

Xiaohuatuo Microcomputer Therapy Apparatus Therapy Functions

Acupuncture: Adhere the self-adhesive-pads to acupuncture points to dredge the meridian and collateral, adjust and replenish Qi and blood, balance Yi-Ying, treat and prevent the various deficiencies and disorders.

Massage: Apply to meridian channels associated acupuncture points to regulate the function of nervous system and other internal organs, to improve the blood circulation and lymphocinesia, to prevent muscular atrophy and stiffness.

Keeping Fit: Attach the Self-adhesive-pads to the belly, hips, buttocks and arms to absorb and digest fatty tissue. Long term usage will lead to the fine-tuning of the muscles keeping the body in good shape and good health.

Beauty: The therapy apparatus massages the facial muscles and stimulates blood circulation hence improving the nutrient condition of skin cells. This helps to keep skin looking young and healthy.

Ear Needle: The special Ear-needle-pads automatically search for all physiologically important ear-points and thereby regulate the various functions of internal organs.

Daily Care: Especially for those people who are suffering from back pain, sore shoulder, stiff neck and leg spasm, ten minutes of massage a day can help to relieve muscular pain.

List of Acupuncture Points and Methods for Some Common Disorders: Hemiplegia (Paralysis of one side of the body), Upper limb paralysis, Lower limb paralysis, Tinnitus (Noses in the ear), Toothache, Hypertension, Gastric disorders, Anaemia, Varicose vein, Traumatic lumbago (mid & lower back pain), Foot and ankle sprains, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis (Knee pain, Ankle pain, Wrist pain, Elbow pain), Joint deformities, Osteoarthritis, Cervical spinalgia (neck pain), Chronic Lumbago (Lower back pain), Skin rashes (urticaria), Neurodermatitis, Irregular menstruation, Dysmenorrhea (Difficult and painful menstruation), Menopause (alleviate symptoms), Stiff neck, Internal haemorrhoids (Piles), Sinusitis (Hay Fever), Trigeminal neuralgia, Facial Neuritis (facial paralysis), Dizziness, Insomnia (sleeplessness), Side headache, Sciatica (Lower back pain), Stomachache, Gastritis, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Flu (by cold and by hot), Periarthritis of the shoulder (Frozen shoulder), Impotence (Kidney deficiency)

"Foot therapy" has a long history in traditional Chinese medical science. After long-time clinical practice, numerous miraculous effects were found. By stimulating a specific acupuncture point in the foot sole, corresponding organ or viscera would be activated, the body function could be improved, its pathos may be cured.

Indications of Feet Therapy:

  • Acute tonsillitis, toothache, headache, acute enteritis, prostatitis, enuresis, hemorrhoids, hiccup, nervous gastralgia, acute mastitis, acute tympanitis, postpartum lochiorrhagia, Meniere's syndrome, stiff neck, scapulohumeral periarthritis, sprain of wrist, tennis elbow, injury of knee joint, intercostal neuralgia, acuter lumbar sprain, lumbar muscle strain, etc.
  • Chronic bronchitis, prostate hypertrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, neurosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, hyperosteogeny, sciatica, chronic superficial gastritis, chronic appendicitis, chronic colonitis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic constipation, chronic nephritis, mammary lobular hyperplasia, cervicitis, dysmenorrhea, etc.

"Ear acupuncture point therapy" originates in China. When doctors of traditional Chinese medicine investigated the main channels of human body, they found that different parts of human body are closely related with the 79 acupuncture points on each ear. So ancient medical literature states that "ear is the confluence of Zongmai (main channels)" and "vital energy of human body converges on the ear". Medical experts in ancient times regarded ear massage as a practice for health enhancement and disease prevention. In Chinese remote area and mountainous area where medical service is not complete, "foot therapy" and "ear therapy" play an important role in curing stubborn diseases for the local people. Moreover, modern medical science researches discover that "foot therapy" and "ear therapy" have a good auxiliary effect to stimulate bone growth, increase average body height, enhance intelligence, prevent near-sight, etc.

Main Indications of Auricular Acupoints Therapy:

  • Chronic bronchitis, colonitis, nephritis, rheumatoid arthritis, prostate hypertrophy, hypertension, neurosis, diabetes, coronary heat disease, arrhythmia, sciatica, enterospasm, mammary lobular hyperplasia dysmenorrhea, etc.
  • Better curative effect for the common diseases such as toothache, headache, prostatitis, enuresis, hiccup, neural gastralgia, Menierre's syndrome, tennis elbow, intercostal neuralgia, acute waist strain, and so on.

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