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Yi Guan Jian Wan (Liver Tonic Pills)

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  • yi guan jian
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Product Description

Yi Guan Jian Wan
(Liver Tonic)
Packing: 192 concentrated pills / box
Product of China.

This is a patent remedy based on the ancient recipe "Yi Guan Jian" (Decoction for Nourishing the Liver and Kidney) in TCM originally appeared in Xu Ming Yi Lei An (Supplement to the Classified Medical Records of Celebrated Physicians), which is primarily used for nourishing yin and dispersing stagnated liver-qi in cases of syndrome of stagnation of liver-qi due to yin deficiency, marked by chest, epigastric and hypochondriac pain, acid regurgitation, dry throat and mouth, reddened tongue with little saliva, thready and taut pulse. It is applicable to chronic hepatitis, chronic gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, intercostal neuralgia, neurosis and other disorders, which chiefly manifest pain of the chest, epigastrium, hypochondrium and costae attributable to stagnation of qi due to yin deficiency.

Rehmannia Glutinosa Root
Lycium Fruit
Glehnia Littoralis Root
Ophiopogon Japonicus Tuber
Angelica Sinensis Root
Melia Toosendan Fruit.

Actions: Nourishes Liver Yin and Blood, soothes Liver-Qi.

Indications: Liver and Blood deficiency with Liver Qi stagnation; Liver Qi invading Stomach and damaging Stomach yin. Related symptoms are Acid regurgitation; chest pain; Chronic hepatitis; Cirrhosis; Distension of the abdomen; Distension of the epigastrium; Essential hypertension; Hypertension in pregnancy; Pain of the hypochondrium; Peptic ulcer; Purpura; Addison's disease; Bitter taste; Chronic orchitis; Diabetes; Dry mouth; Dry throat; Intercostal neuralgia; Neurasthenia; Pulmonary tuberculosis; Red tongue; Weak-Fine-Wiry pulse; Fine-Wiry-Empty pulse.*

Directions: Take 8 pills each time, 3 times a day.

Notes: The name of this formula, Yi Guan Jian (Linking Decoction), is derived from its use in treating the linked disorders of pain in the chest and hypochondria, acid regurgitation, and Liver dysfunction due to Yin deficiency. Blood and Yin deficiency with Qi stagnation is a common combination of pathology. The physiology of the Liver is such that deficiency of aspects of the Liver (the Yin and Blood) lead to a relative excess of Liver yang arising. Stasis and accumulation of Liver rebellious Qi can in turn affect the Stomach. This is a popular and versatile formula for a variety of chronic Liver and digestive complaints, in particular upper gastro-intestinal focus. In modern clinic, it is applicable to chronic hepatitis, early hepatic cirrhosis, fatty liver, peptic ulcer disease, chronic gastritis, gastric neurosis, gastro-esophageal reflux (GERD), intercostal neuralgia, essential hypertension.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:yi guan jian



服法与用量:口服,一次8丸,一日 3次。




对于西医诊断的 如慢性肝炎、溃疡病、高血压、胸膜炎、肋间神经痛、慢性睾丸炎,以及月经不调、痛经等疾病,只要辨证为肝肾阴虚、肝气郁滞的,均可应用本方加减治疗。

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