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Yue Opera Lu You and Tang Wan DVD

  • Yue Opera Lu You and Tang Wan DVD
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Product Description

Product: Yue Style Opera "Lu You and Tang Wan"
Director: Yang Xiaoqing
Main Cast: Mao Weitao, Chen Huiling, Hong Ying, Dong Kedi
Performed by Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Style Group
Language: Chinese
Published by Peninsula Audio-Visual Publishing House, 2004
Media: 1 DVD
Subtitle: Chinese
ISBN: 7883508210
ISRC: CND010400200

The story set in the Song Dynasty more than 1000 years ago. A famous patriotic poet Lu You and his wife Tang Wan (who is also good at literature) lovingly live in Sheng's Garden, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Hating treacherous court officials endangering the realm, on spring outing day the husband and wife are planning to go to Fu Jian Province to unite righteous friends who are loyal to the kingdom, but Lu You's mother opposes their plan as she does not wish her son to leave for thousand miles beyond, and she also does not like Tang Wan very much as the couple do not have a child after several year marriage. She asks Zhong Gao, a newly appointed official, to arrange a future for her son. However Lu You, hating Zhong's attachment to the treacherous court officials, composes ironic poems to satirize him, thus making him furious. Later Madame Lu's pressure and Zhong Gao's charge against Tang Wan results in her being driven out. Lu You hires a flower girl sending a message to Tang Wan that he promises reunion in three years. Three years later, Lu You keeps his word and returns to hometown. When he passed by Sheng's Garden, he run into Tang Wan and her husband by chance, and his heart was broken. Regretting his divorce with her, Lu You wrote the poem "Phoenix Hairpin" on the wall of Sheng's Garden within one breath. Meanwhile, reading his poem, Tang Wan immediately wrote one in the same form with the same grief.
Talented, beautiful, moving and graceful
Long and short verses describing love regretful
Poetic masterpieces through ages
Sad voices echo everlasting hatreds

ISRC:CN-D 01-04-0020 -0/V.J8

宋代陆游痛恨奸相误国,春游沈园,与妻唐琬商议双飞福建,结交忠义志士。陆游之母 唐 夫人爱子心切,阻拦陆游远行,并托新贵陆仲高为陆游谋划前程。陆游鄙仲高依附奸相,作诗以讽,激怒仲高。仲高借机刺激 唐 夫人,逼迫陆游驱逐唐琬。陆游托卖花女三娘致书唐琬,约定相守三年。三年后,陆游重回沈园,惊闻唐琬改嫁,遂题《钗头凤》于粉壁,唐琬见而和作,悲痛以绝。

poet lu you

lu you and tang wan

lu you poem phoenix hairpin

tang wan poem phoenix hairpin

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