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Yue Opera Romance of the Red Silk DVD

  • Yue Opera Romance of the Red Silk DVD
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Product Description

Product: Yue Opera Romance of the Red Silk (Hong Si Cuo)
Leading Players: He Saifei, Fang Xuewen, Yan Jia, Jiang Yao
Performed by Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Opera Troupe 
Published by Zhejiang Literary Audio-Visual Publishing House
Media: 1 DVD disc
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese
ISBN: 9787884171477
SRC: CNE140301160

The Red Silk Romance, The Match Made with a Red Silk Braid Mistake, starring He Saifei, Fang Xuewen, Yan Jia, and Jiang Yao, Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yueju Opera Troupe, a comedic play shot at real scenery.

A poor young tutor Zhang Qiuren fell in love with his disciple, Zhang Liuyue, the elder daughter of the Zhang family when he had taught for three years. But Liuyue's father betrothed his daughter to the childe Xue Chunlin. When Xue took betrothal gifts to Family Zhang for engagement, Liuhua, the younger sister of Liuyue, went to visit him instead of her elder sister. She intended to persuade Xue to break off the engagement. But Xue mistook her for her elder sister Liuyue, and the two young people chatted and drank like bosom friends. They betrothed themselves to each other on the table. Liuhua was unexpected pregnant since the night she stayed with Xue. Madame Zhang found Liuhua's pregnancy and caned her. Teacher Zhang saved the pregnant Liuhua and accompanied her to the country hidden as a pseud-couple. Later Xue won a successful candidate in the the highest imperial examinations and had a post of county magistrate. When he is going to marry the daughter of the Zhang family, Father Zhang goes to accuse Teacher Zhang of abducting the daughter Liuhua. In the county court, Teacher Zhang angrily rebukes Xue for callosity, as a result, he is flogged with a stick. In the same time Liuhua rushes into the court and presents the fact. She also takes her new baby to accept Xue as father. However, whatever it happens, the father Zhang insists to marry Liuyue to Xue, Liuhua to Zhang. As a result, the two couples of lovers have reunion when the match is made with a red silk braid mistake at the marrying night.
学馆先生张秋人在章府教读三载,与大小姐章榴月互生爱慕之情,而章父却把榴月许配给富家公子薛春林。薛春林带彩礼来章家定亲,榴花为姐姐去书房探访,欲劝薛公子退婚。薛春林误将榴花认作榴月,二人以酒代茶喜逢知音,醉结良缘。不想却留下情种!章母发觉杖责榴花,秋人大义救助,蒙冤受辱,将榴花带回乡下,假以夫妇相称。薛春林得中进士回乡任县令,正待迎娶 章家大 小姐之时,章父状告秋人"拐女",公堂之上,秋人怒斥春林无情,反被责打,榴花陈述冤情,抱子认父,真相大白。春、花、秋、月,两对有情人终成眷属。 

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